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Black Ops Moon Zombies: How to Pack-A-Punch Before Round 1

Updated on August 28, 2011

The pack-a-punch is a machine that allows you to upgrade your weapon in the Call of Duty Black Ops map "Moon." The pack-a-punch has been in all previous zombie levels since Der Riese, where it was first introduced. You can upgrade a weapon one time for 5000 points. When an upgraded, the weapon will get stronger, carry more ammo and may get a new sight or feature. For example, upgrading the HS-10 will make it akimbo (dual wielded).

In Moon, you actually start off on Earth, more specifically, on Area 51. The zombies are invading. There is a teleporter in the Hangar where you must escape, however, it is possible to pack-a-punch the pistol before leaving. The zombies wills start off walking slow, but will start sprinting after 30 seconds approximately. They will also become stronger when sprinting. The knife will be less effective.

In order to pack-a-punch the pistol, you will need 5000 points, and the only way to get that many is by using the knife & pistol. There are no weapons to buy in the area so forget about that.

Black Ops Moon Pack-A-Punch Before Round 1

Running away from zombies in a circle

The only way to survive against the zombies is by running around the cage where the pack-a-punch is, and having the zombies follow behind you. This may prove difficult to players who are not familiar with the game, but it is not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

Basically, once the zombies start running, wait for them to group up, and run in the opposite direction and circle the cage. Then turn around and shoot at them with the pistol. Knife the hellhound dogs when they get close, but be careful because they are very fast. You can also knife the zombies, but it is very easy to get killed by them. Once you have enough points, use the pack-a-punch, but don't stand there waiting for it to upgrade, run around one more time before it disappears.


This is best done when playing by yourself on solo. Other players will make the zombies run in different directions, making it difficult for them to group up behind you. You need to isolate the zombies behind you. If you must play with other players, make sure they stay where the teleporter is in the back to prevent zombies from running everywhere.

Black Ops Moon (You can upgrade weapons later)

If you find this to be difficult, never fear, because you can teleport back to this area later. There is a teleporter located on the Moon's surface. Everyone must be on it in order for it work though. It's much easier to upgrade later, but may be a good idea to get Gersch devices out of the mystery box so the zombies will not interfere when you upgrade.

To find the Teleporter again, you must open numerous doors. You can either go through the tunnels on the left or right of the moon base to make it to the power room. The teleporter is actually above the large pyramid, but you must go up the stairs to the right through the computer labs. Once your at the top, there will be a door to moon's surface.


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      Bbm man 6 years ago

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      Dr--Ketchup 6 years ago

      hmm, so the zombie don't really go ova to the guy behind da teleporta, especially when there's some lune runnin' 'round da gate an' sandbags...

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      random 6 years ago

      how many times can i use the teleporter to return to earth?

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      black ops man123 6 years ago

      man black ops moon rock's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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