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Black Ops Nazi Zombies - Hellhounds

Updated on February 18, 2011

Zombies - Hellhounds Special Round

Hellhounds are a special enemy in the game mode Nazi Zombies for Call of Duty Black Ops. Since the introduction of Nazi Zombies on World at War, the game mode has gained a lot of popularity. As such, the developers continue to push the envelope in terms of versatility. Defending against zombies is still the main concept, however, hellhounds are a special round to add to the game a bit. The zombie map, Shi No Numa, was the first to introduce the new enemy "hellhound." Hellhounds are demon-like dogs that will attack you during random rounds. They will not be accompanied with zombies. Hellhounds always come between rounds 5-7, but since its random, you never know for sure. Afterwords, they will continue to come every 4-6 rounds or so.

Hellhounds appear on Shi No Numa, Der Riese, and Kino Der Toten zombie maps. At the start of a hellhound round, the game will emit a loud scary sound. This indicates that it is a hellhound round. The dogs will spawn randomly on the map, near you, and will attack you. Hellhounds usually target specific players on the team. After all are defeated, a max ammo will drop.

Below are a list of tips for defeating Hellhounds:

Weapons that work well against Hellhounds:

Generally speaking, shotguns are very effective for hellhounds. Since they run rapidly at you, a shotgun is a good choice. The only downside to using a shotgun such as the stakeout, is the reload time. Dogs can down you quickly, especially if you do not have jugger-nog. Try to reload when there not running at you, or have someone cover you.

The ray gun is a good weapon against hellhounds, but do not sit still while using it. The dogs tend to rush right in front of you, and a shot from a ray gun close up can damage you. Sometimes, the ray gun will down you. Keep your distance from the dogs when you use the ray gun.

Some examples:
Stakeout / Ray gun
HS-10 / Thundergun
Spaz-12 / HK-21
RPK / CZ-75

Other weapons can work well against dogs, but the above are most effective. The thundergun is extremely easy to kill hellhounds with. Don't worry about using ammo for it, or any guns for that matter, the last hellhound will drop a max ammo.

Nazi Zombies - Hellhounds - Additional Information

On the Kino Der Toten zombie map, there is an extremely easy way to kill hell hounds without even firing a bullet. If you have enough points to spare, use one of the automated machine guns on the map. They will automatically target the hellhounds and destroy them. To make this even simpler, teleport once you turn on a turret. No hellhounds will be able to touch you this way. The machine gun turrets make short work of the hellhounds.

Electrical barriers are somewhat useless to use against hellhounds, since they can spawn on the other side of them.

Important notes to remember when fighting Hellhounds

(1) You should always use jugger-nog, speed cola, and quick revive when fighting against hellhounds. Since they are so fast when attacking, having these perks can help to ensure your survival. Defend the players who do not have any perks as they will be very vulernable. Two hits from a demon dog will likely down them

(2) Stay together with your team when fighting hellhounds.

(3) Back up against corners when hellhounds come. This may seem like a bad idea, but considering how fast hellhounds run, you do not want to be surrounded. If your using a ray gun, you might want to run, or just have players cover you.

(4) Try using Claymores for extra protection against hellhounds. This may help when your reloading your weapons.


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