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Black Ops Nazi Zombies - Power Ups - Tips & Uses

Updated on February 8, 2011

Black Ops Nazi Zombies Power ups Tips

This guide will provide some general tips for Call of Duty Black Ops zombies - the best way to make use of power ups. Power ups are great to use in Nazi Zombies, however, there are some things players should know. Just because a zombie drops a power, does not mean you should always pick it up. This guide was titled Black ops, however, this guide can also be useful for Nazi Zombie maps on "Call of Duty World at War" as well. This guide will be helpful on all of the maps, except some power ups are not present in all the maps. For instance, you can not get a "fire sale" on the classic zombie maps on Black Ops.

(1) Reload before picking up max ammos! This is one of the most important aspects of some of the power ups. If you do not reload your weapon, the max ammo will not refill that magazine, only extra clips. If you really need to get the max ammo, pick it up, otherwise, reload before picking it up. For example, the HK machine gun holds 125 rounds in a magazine. Lets say it currently has 10. If you do not reload that weapon before the max ammo, you will not get maximum ammo. Resulting in you losing 115 rounds which is a large loss.

(2) Don't pick ups nukes if you want to make a crawler, or don't need it. Nukes destroy all the zombies currently on the map, however, if the goal is to make a crawler, do not pick it up! Any crawlers will be killed, and in some cases, the round will end when a nuke goes off. If you need time to do something in between rounds, forget about using nuke power ups, and just focus on making crawlers if that's the goal.

(3) If a insta-kill is active, forget about getting a nuke! If there's already an instant kill active, do not pick up any nukes. This is just wasting a power up, and you will probably make more points using the instant kill. EVERY weapon will can kill a zombie with insta-kill!(including the knife) Why use a nuke then?

(4) Making use of Fire Sale Power Ups. Fire sales automatically spawn a mystery box on every location of the map. These can be found on the zombie map five, and Kino Der Toten. (also future maps most likely) All the mystery boxes will only cost 10 points!

Throw a monkey bomb, or have your team mates cover you when you use a mystery box so the zombies do not interfere. They will only be available for a a limited amount of time. Also, use more than one box if your close to another one so you get maximum options.

Black Ops Nazi Zombies Power ups Tips

(5) Throw monkey bombs or a gersch device before picking up a max ammo. Considering a max ammo will give you more of these items, you may as well throw them. You will give time for your team mates to reload too since the zombies will be getting distracted and killed. This is a very good idea to do especially on the higher rounds in Nazi Zombies.

(6) Its not a good idea to get a Carpenter if an instant kill is active, or players wish to build up points by repairing windows. Since the carpenter repairs all the windows, if an instant kill is active, it slows the pace of the game down resulting in getting less kills with instant kill.

(7) Max ammo's are almost always given after hellhounds. Don't worry if your low on ammo if a hellhound round is coming up. After disposing of hellhounds, a max ammo is almost always dropped. Same goes for the space monkeys on the Ascension zombie map.On some extremely rare occasions, its dropped by the first zombie next round.

Nuke Power Up
Nuke Power Up

(8) Avoid instant kills if your attempting to make crawlers! If your goal is to make a crawler, avoid picking up instant kills.It is impossible to make a zombie into one with instant kill active. Every weapon will kill them, so avoid these if you wish to create one.

(9) Be careful when knifing zombies they may drop a power up you don't want! If a zombie drops a power up when you melee it, you'll automatically pick it up. This is not a good idea if you have crawlers, and risk the chance of getting a nuke which will kill the crawlers you may have created. Same goes for max ammos...You will not have time to reload your weapons. (important if your using a machine gun, or gun with large clip)

(10) ALWAYS pick up death machines! This power up can always be beneficial because it gives you a mini gun with infinite ammo for a limited period of time. Mix this with an instant kill, and this is even more effective. Just make sure a zombie does not attack you from behind!


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