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Black Ops Zombie Mode Power Ups Description List

Updated on December 29, 2010

Black Ops Zombie Power Ups

All the power ups on the zombie maps for black ops are completely random.(one exception) There is no way to figure out when they will drop. The best thing to keep in mind is that they will drop eventually. Many times when you need them, many times when you do not need any. The only power up that always drops, is when the last demon dog is killed on the dog rounds. This will be a max ammo. Other than that, the power ups zombies drop are randomized.

Max Ammo

Gives you full ammo for everyone alive. These are floating ammo boxes. A good idea is to reload before you pick one up. This gives you an extra clip of ammo. Max ammo's come at the end of demon dog rounds.

Death Machine

A mini gun that allows you to destroy zombies for a limited amount of time. Unlimited ammo, but can only be used for so long. A rare power up. Only works for the person who picks it up

Insta Kill

Kills zombies in one hit. Any weapon including knives, takes zombies down in one hit. This is one of the best power ups you can get.for you and your team.


Black Ops Zombie Power Ups


A floating hammer. Repairs all the windows on the map. Will temporarily prevent zombies from coming. Just remember, this does nothing to the zombies that already went through the barricades. This is good to maybe give you time to revive a team mate.

Fire Sale

A random box/magic box will appear in every area of the map. It only costs 10 dollars to use. Only lasts for a limited time though.


Appears as a floating golden bomb. Destroys all the zombies on the map, but does not end the round unless there's only a few left. Very good when large hordes of zombies are coming continuously.

Double Points

Gives you double the points when shooting zombies, or doing anything that accumulates points such as repairing barricades. It appears as a floating x2 symbol power up.


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