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Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Upstairs Camping Strategy

Updated on January 24, 2011

Kino Der Toten Upstairs Camping Strategy

There are a number of places to defend on the Zombie map Kino Der Toten for Call of Duty Black Ops. Some players may choose to run around the map instead, however, there are some decent camping spots to defend. The only way to really camp on Kino Der Toten is by not opening specific doors. This will block zombies from coming in that direction. You do not need to open every door in order to camp. Most camping strategies require multiple players as well. A player can not really defend an area by himself because he or she will likely be over run by zombies. There is usually a window somewhere to defend, and the player can be killed when reloading etc.

Early rounds 1-10 mainly (on the way to theater)

For this strategy, you need to open the bottom double doors in the lobby room of Kino Der Toten. Defend in the lobby for a few rounds and purchase the double doors. When you get to the next room, open the doorway to the alley way. This can be used as a temporarily camping spot rounds 5-9 or so. Just watch out for zombies jumping off the roof, and for zombies breaking through a window near the gate. Standing by the gate is an excellent spot to defend temporarily. Buy the AK-74 off the wall here! This is much better than the m14, double barrel shotgun, and the other sub machine gun in the room beforehand. Once your ready to leave the alley way, open the gate, and continue until you reach the next door to open. Open the door and proceed down the stairs to the theater. Turn on the power.

At one point, you should be looking for the mystery box if you have not found it in previous rooms. However, do NOT open the door that is up above the double descending stair case room. (room has MP40, stakeout, and speed cola. Don't worry you can go around from the lobby.

Making crawlers:

During some points of the game, you should make zombies crawlers. This allows you to postpone the game, and use the mystery box etc. Explosives will make a zombie into a crawler most of the time. The ray gun can also make zombies into crawlers.

Return to lobby

Once your ready, return to the lobby room where you spawned. Open the double doors at the top. Go through the intersecting hallway.(electric fence is on it) You are now in a room with a pit below. There is one window in this room, and a door at the end. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! This prevents zombies from coming in this direction. In this room, one person needs to defend the window, while the other three defend the intersecting hallway. Sometimes, zombies will jump from the ceiling as well. Mostly,however, all the zombies will come from the lobby.

Use the electric fence every once in a while. This area is pretty good spot to defend, but each player should have strong weapons. Eventually, this area becomes difficult to defend without good weapons. (e.i. ray guns, machine guns)


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