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Black Ops Zombies Moon: How To Get Juggernog Perk First Wave!

Updated on August 27, 2011

The Juggernog perk appears on the new Black Ops Zombies map called Moon very early. It is actually possible to buy Juggernog at the very beginning of the game. As many of you should know, Juggernog gives you extra health, the zombies will have to hit you four times. Getting Juggernog early on Moon will give you an enormous advantage never seen before! In fact, four players can get Juggernog at the beginning, but this is very difficult to do. However, at least one player has the possibility of purchasing the perk.

Call of Duty Black Ops Moon:

How to get juggernog on the first wave!

First off, you must realize that Juggernog will not always spawn next to the teleporter on Area 51. Sometimes speed cola will be there instead. You can try to get speed cola instead, however, this would be foolish because if you get downed by zombies then you will lose it. Juggernog is generally the first perk you should buy because it boosts your health.

In order to buy the perk, you will need a total of 2500 points. At the start of the round, you will have 500 points, so you will need an additional 2000 points.

When the game starts, zombies will start digging out of the ground beneath you, and will also come from the outer sides of the area. At first they walk slowly, but eventually they will move quickly and gain more health. This is the time when you and your team mates should leave by using the teleporter to escape from the attacking zombies, but since you are trying to buy juggernog, you will need to stay in the area. So how can you survive with only an m1911 pistol and frag grenades?

The only way to survive against the zombies is by having one person run around the cage where the pack-a-punch machine is. In this fashion, you can get a large group of zombies to follow that person, basically making a diversion. The other players will need to go to the teleporter and stand in the back. Most of the zombies will not attack them, however, a few occasional zombies and hellhound dogs will.

The players at the top need to shoot down at the zombies with their pistols to make points. And since a player is running around with most of the zombies around them, the players at the top can throw grenades at the huge group of zombies! Careful timing is required to get the most points. If zombies are blown up in half, it will be easy to finish them off with the pistol.

Once a player(s) has enough points for Juggernog & buys it, the player at the bottom running around with the zombies can stop, and come back to the teleporter to leave Area 51 and head to Earth's Moon.

This can also be done on solo in similar way

Have you gotten juggernog or were you in a game where someone got it on first wave?

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Call of Duty Black Ops Moon

Tips for buying Juggernog at the beginning

  1. Knife the zombies at the beginning before they start running because it is a one hit kill and you get more points.
  2. Shoot the zombies from the teleporter with the pistol. If a zombie runs up, knife it, but be careful not to get hit twice!
  3. Throw frag grenades at the large group of zombies when the other player running around is distracting them.
  4. Watch out for hellhounds because they progressively get stronger the longer you remain in Area 51. A knife works best against them.
  5. Let one player get the points at the beginning so it's easier for him or her to buy juggernog. It will almost be impossible for everyone to get 2500 points so decide who it's going to be.
  6. When you or another player gets juggernog, everyone needs to stay on the teleporter for it to work, EVEN IF SOMEONE IS DOWN, IT WON'T WORK.
  7. Everyone will lose some points if a player dies!

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