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Black Rock Shooter Figures - Anime Figures Collection

Updated on October 24, 2011

Black Rocker Shooter Anime Figure

Black Rock Shooter is a hot anime girl with a movie, anime series, and manga of her own!
Black Rock Shooter is a hot anime girl with a movie, anime series, and manga of her own!

Black Rock Shooter Figurines

Black Rock Shooter is a popular animated movie and a manga. Basically, Black Rock Shooter is a girl who wears all black and of course has a large powerful gun. The key weapon she uses is a Rock Shooter, which essentially is a hand cannon that fires large rocks. While Rock is the good girl of the series, an antagonist character is Dead Master. Dead Master is a girl like BRS who uses a large scythe. When you put both of these girls together you get a great movie aka Black Rock Shooter. There are other characters who have their own distinctive weapons as well. Weapons such as a large toothed sword and large battle greaves is an example. Overall, Black Rock Shooter is one of the most popular and one of the hottest anime girl figures. Black Rock Shooter also is now an anime series and has a few games out.

Black Rock Shooter figures are all high quality and detailed. Some come with her with a sword, others with her main Rock Shooter gun and others come with both that you can change out. Most of the figures are scaled to 1/8th. Any anime collector in the world would love one of these Black Rock Shooter figurines. While many people seen the movie or read the manga, no one I know of has ever had a dislike for Black Rock Shooter. So out of many different animes out there this is one of the best ones to gift people. A great addition to any personal collection! Some Black Rock Shooters are also pose-able in many different poses. They range from the gun being held behind her to her dashing towards an enemy. While many can move some cannot.

Death Master is the antagonist of Black Rock Shooter. The main weapon of choice of this girl is a battle scythe. Both of these figures are scaled to 1/8th also and are extremely details. A great addition to all anime collections. Death Master will not be pleased if you just get a Black Rock Shooter figure and not one of her as well! This is a must for any Dead Master fan!

Gold Saw and Strength are both characters from Black Rock Shooter. Gold Saw is named after the blade she uses. This girl looks the same as Black Rock Shooter other then the weapon and the design on her bikini top. With both those put aside, she looks almost the same as Rock.

Strength is a unique figure as many anime figures dont have larger arms then body. This gives the figure a uniqueness to a collection and makes it a piece that stands out from the others.

Small 10cm Black Rock Shooter Mini Figures

These are some really cool miniature pvc Black Rock Shooter anime figures. These figurines are great quality and are basically chebi versions of the main characters. They are really cute and have large heads. One of these adds that "Oh My God LOL" feeling to the collection. While many different animes have similar miniature figures these are very well done and most people can tell who the figure is.


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