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Black Ops Multiplayer Guide

Updated on August 11, 2011

Black Ops Multiplayer Tips

Call of Duty Black Ops is no doubt the number one action game ever. Especially Its multiplayer Mode is what makes it really exciting. But It gets too competitive sometimes to dominate this Multiplayer game as not everyone can excel in this. This is when Black Ops Guide comes to use (you can get it here)

Black Ops multiplayer guide is available to guide one through the different aspects and levels of the battle field. One can go through this guide to avoid playing the game like a dumb or a new comer, and enjoy the games at utmost.

Black Ops multiplayer guide

Some tips from the black ops multiplayer guide are as follows:

1. Get trained before playing with real people online: look for the map and different guns available and practice it with friends before competing with real players online.

2. Go through replays: watch the replay on the game one played so that one can calculate the mistakes and performance. Try to improve the performance and avoid making the same faults one did in the last games.

3. Think, plan and then move: avoid getting killed. It is always preferable to plan and make the move than rushing into a hall or courtyard and get killed. Camp in a safe place and slow down in a corner whenever one has to go through a broad place.

4. Plan the class: go through the map and plan the class one wants to make for oneself. There can be a lot of grenades and mines planned by the enemy one may need a different class for such situations.

5. Maintain the comfort zone: adjust and buy the type of armaments one wants to use. The proper one that matches one’s class and style.

6. Learn from the past experience: try to recapitulate that when one got killed in the last game, where exactly was the enemy. This can help one from avoiding the same mistake and reach another level.

The black ops multiplayer guide has the important tips by the help of which one can play the online games easily.


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