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Blacksmith Crafting Achievements Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 1, 2012

This guide will cover the various achievements players can earn through Crafting with the Blacksmith in Diablo 3, listing them along with their description and information on how to unlock each. These are typically handed out for passing certain milestones in the game, completing a difficult or out of the ordinary task.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these achievements may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.

**WIP** This guide is will be updated with more information and pictures when they become accessible. As always, comments, suggestions, additions and corrections are welcome and will be credited.

Last update: 5/29/2012

Blacksmith Crafting Achievements

These achievements, as one may guess, all tie specifically to the use of the Blacksmith and crafting with him or leveling him up in Diablo 3. The jeweler has it's own set along with there being another set which encompasses both artisans.


General Crafting Achievements

  • Blacksmith <-- you are here
  • Jeweler


  1. Mind on the Metal
  2. Metalworking
  3. Heavy Metalworking
  4. Heavier Metalworking
  5. Death Metalworking
  6. To the Smithy!
  7. Steeling with Feeling
  8. Iron Heart
  9. A Life with Meaning
  10. Return Business
  11. Gorging the Forge
  12. Swing That Bloody Hammer!

Mind on the Metal

Teach the Blacksmith a recipe.
Unlocks the Druidic banner shape.

Update: As it turns out, this achievement is unlocked only by teaching Haedrig world drop recipes, basically the crafting recipes he won't learn simply by leveling him all the way to his cap. Keep in mind, world drop plans can not be taught to him until level 4 smithing.


Teach the Blacksmith 25 recipes.

The next step up, again something that will come in time, helped by the fact that artisan advancement is shared between your characters. You will probably be able to find 25 recipes as world drops on your own given a fair amount of time spent maxing out a couple characters.

Heavy Metalworking

Teach the Blacksmith 50 recipes.

Finding 50 world drop recipes seems like a daunting task, however remember you can use the Auction House (and should!) to speed up this process by selling duplicates for copies you don't own yet.

Heavier Metalworking

Teach the Blacksmith 75 recipes.

An epically expensive or time draining goal marker, at 75 found recipes you will be a highly sought after crafter.

Death Metalworking

Teach the Blacksmith 100 recipes.
Unlocks the Thorned banner shape.

Guaranteed to be an adventure in and of itself, completing the top tier of this achievement set will certainly take a while to do, probably happening some time after reaching Inferno. It should be noted, that there are well over 100 found recipes the Blacksmith can learn, so completionists won't find themselves done just yet.

To the Smithy!
To the Smithy!

To the Smithy!

Acquire the Blacksmith.

This will happen early in your first game, specifically in Act I at the end of the second quest A Shattered Crown. This is of course the first of the Blacksmith achievements you will end up unlocking.

Steeling With Feeling
Steeling With Feeling

Steeling with Feeling

Level up the Blacksmith
Unlocks the X shaped banner pattern.

You will need a total of 10,000 gold to level up the Blacksmith the first time. Leveling is done in 5 stages and Haedrig begins at level 1, stage 1.

Once he is trained past stage 5, he will upgrade into a level 2, Journeyman.

Iron Heart

Raise the Blacksmith to level 5.

In order to reach level 5, also known as Grandmaster, it will take 95,000 total gold and 5 blacksmith pages on training stages.

A Life with Meaning

Raise the Blacksmith to level 10.
Unlocks the Anvil banner sigil.

This is a full list of the cost of each stage:

  • Level 1 - Apprentice: 10k Gold
  • Level 2 - Journeyman: 20k Gold
  • Level 3 - Adept: 30k Gold
  • Level 4 - Master: 35k Gold, 5 Pages of Blacksmithing
  • Level 5 - Grandmaster: 75k Gold, 25 Pages
  • Level 6 - Illustrious: 75k Gold, 20 Pages, 5 Tomes of Blacksmithing
  • Level 7 - Magnificent: 100k Gold, 25 Tomes of Blacksmithing
  • Level 8 - Resplendent: 100k Gold, 20 Tomes of Blackmithing, 5 Tomes of Secrets
  • Level 9 - Glorious: 200k Gold, 25 Tomes of Secrets
  • Level 10 - Exalted: None

Grand Total: 643,000 Gold, 50 Pages, 50 Tomes of Blacksmithing, 30 Tomes of Secrets

Return Business

Craft items that have each of the following 4 properties.

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Vitality
  • Intelligence

The way this achievement and the others below work, is that each time you craft an item, if it has one of these properties attached to it, then it will be checked off in your achievements screen. Once you have all 4 checked off, it will unlock, meaning you can craft 4 different items that each have 1 of these properties as opposed to one item with all four. Crafting is completely random.

Gorgin the Forge

Craft items that have each of the following 10 properties.

Same concept, just the next rank up, perhaps made difficult due to most non set/legendary items coming with random affixes.

Swing that Bloody Hammer

Craft items that have each of the following 15 properties.
Unlocks the Tome banner sigil.

Potentially this list will make it harder to achieve by containing properties only found in higher level items but still, it is yet to be seen here.


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    • Elderberry Arts profile image

      Claire 3 years ago from Surrey, Uk

      I just need the 'increases spirit regeneration' weapon for this and can't get it. I also noticed that it says 'Create weapons with the following 14 properties' yet there are only 13 on the list.

    • SOE profile image

      SOE 5 years ago

      Just starting to get a look at the game now, will leave a comment here if I find anything.

    • profile image

      Sakkath 5 years ago

      Hey i´ve got a bug, i´ve didn´t earned the To The Smithy achievement and cannot make it, help me :(