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Blade and Soul Newbie Guide: 10 Advanced Hints and Tips For Getting Started

Updated on March 26, 2016
Blade and Soul Advanced Newbie Guide
Blade and Soul Advanced Newbie Guide

Blade and Soul can be daunting for new players, especially for those new to the Action MMORPG genre. Check out this Blade and Soul Newbie Guide featuring 10 advanced hints and tips to getting started!

If you have missed the first article covering my 10 Basic Hints and Tips, feel free to click the link and check it out!


The crafting system is done fairly different compared to other games. For your gathering professions, you must find a “source” of your materials and then you can order them from your crafting menu. Manufacturing professions takes the items from your inventory and then you wait the limit while you do other things. You can create orders or manufacture items remotely, but there will be a large added cost to the order (like 3-4x the cost or more!). It is recommended that when you first unlock the jobs, to perform your first gatherings and craftings while you are still in or near Jadestone Village. This will net you enough money to continue crafting without needing to worry about running out of cash.

Blade and Soul Newbie Crafting
Blade and Soul Newbie Crafting


Keep that Iron sword you start with. PvP is one of the major focuses of the game. Overworld PVP will net you points with your faction later, but it’s good to get your practice in early if you can pick the right targets. Arena PVP will earn you tokens and I believe you start to get those quests at around level 35. If you want to save money, do not throw away the free iron sword they give you at the beginning of the game. Arena combat does affect durability, but because stats are normalized, you can use a broken iron sword and still not be affected. It’s better to have your iron sword break and be used only for Arena than to have to constantly repair your main weapon because you still have to use it outside of arena.


Often overlooked, especially in a game like this. You will not be relying as heavily on the marketplace/auction house as you would other games, but you will come here to buy and sell specific items. Before you sell or salvage junk items, check their price on the auction house, sometimes items sell for far more than they are worth. Sell Crafted / gathered items and evolution items here, and if needed, purchase your evolution items here.


Another often overlooked aspect of the game. As a rule of thumb, never not salvage unless you specifically need that item for evolution or a quest or it sells well on the marketplace. If you are going to flat out sell the item to the general merchant, just salvage it for useful powders and parts. They often salvage to a junk item that is worth the same 1 copper as the merchant would have purchased for, and that item stacks, saving you precious inventory space.

Healing Items

Each class gets various healing moves to keep them alive, but often they will not be enough. The two main items are Dumplings and Healing potions gotten rarely from random enemy drops or more commonly, from completing dungeon quests. They drop quite often so feel free to stop for a moment and chow down. If you don't you will eventually have so many, you won't know what to do with them. It’s much easier to say goodbye to a dumpling than a chunk of your weapon’s durability if you happen to get knocked out.

Making / Saving Money

A lot of the early and midgame is decided by how well you save your money and play efficiently. If you keep enough money to get your crafting up and save up on keying the right chests and unsealing the right items you should have a flawless transition to the mid and end game. When possible, do not waste your money on "Instant Deliveries" ... Go and pick up your stuff ya lazy bum!

The biggest hurdle is getting past the initial investment costs for evolution items and crafting. Crafting for the jobs mentioned above will make you easy money for their cost once you get to the second tier. If you follow the rules in the other tips to save your money, you should have an easy time transitioning to the end game.


With the constant addition of Items, crafting, and costumes to wear, inventory is going to be getting very scarce. Your Bank storage can be increased using some currency at first and dragonskin pouches later. You have both a Primary and a somewhat hidden Secondary bank set of slots, don't be afraid to use both. Primary can pretty much hold any and all types of items, the secondary cannot so try to fill your secondary first before your primary if you are really running out of item slots.

Skill Builds

I'm going to avoid stating any specifics, solely because the number of combinations possible would be ridiculous. The number one thing that matters to you is to specialize your skills and spend your points based on the way you want to play and how you want your combos to flow. Take note that some upgrades are PVP or PVE centered like turning a single target skill into a multi target skill at the cost of damage. Re-specs are free so experiment!

General Rule of thumb is to keep at least 1 HP Recovery, 1-2 Guards/Defensive abilities, 2-4 combination of knockdown, stun, daze, and at least 1-3 dedicated focus recovery skills.

Blade and Soul Newbie Skill Tree
Blade and Soul Newbie Skill Tree

Free Money to Premium Money

While too late in the game to truly be on a newbie guide, it is good to plan ahead. Blade and Soul has Hongmoon coins as a sort of Pseudo-Premium cash. If you are willing to grind, you can play for free and grind out Hongmoon coins to purchase what you need. To create Hongmoon tokens you need Venture Tokens (how to obtain constantly changes, but mostly from daily spin) and (10) Dragonstones. Once you have both, Right click the venture token and you will craft yourself some Hongmoon coins!

Clicking CTRL+C will open the "Currency Exchange" page where you can buy or sell NCoin with in-game gold. At the time of writing, the current rate is 1 gold per 50 NCoin.

Note: if you do like the game, please feel free to support the company and purchase items.

Hidden Bonuses (Achievements)

Achievements are not a relatively new thing in MMOs however, in some of the recent MMOs, you now receive items and other things from Achievements. Blade and Soul takes this a slight step further. Click the U button to enter your Achievement menu.

On the left menu you have "Bonus Attributes" which shows selectable bonuses unlocked by achievements. The easiest achievement is the 400 HP by beating Blackram Narrows 10 times.

Some of your Hongmoon skills are also unlocked Via Achievements too. To view these click Character on the left side of your Achievement menu and then select Skills to see them.

If you find any errors or if you just want to say hi, leave me a comment below!

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