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Blizzard shows an in-game video of Overwatch

Updated on May 14, 2015

Blizzard has presented a new video of Overwatch, its expected and curious game FPS. The video focuses on show a complete game of Overwatch playing with Zenyatta, one of the characters in the game with several magic-based abilities. The game seems to take several ideas of other Blizzard games adaptim them to first person, and is their first game based on a new franchise for 17 years. Blizzard warns that video belongs to an old version of the game, so we can not draw all the conclusions we would like, at the moment.

Overwatch early in-game

Some early concept art

About Overwatch

According to Blizzard, Overwatch is an FPS game with several unique heroes to choose from. Heroes have many abilities learned in-game which will allow the gamer to stand in the crowd and take advantage over enemies as the game is played in teams. Each hero also plays an important role, some of them are support, other are the offensive type, defensive, stealth and so on. Since victory is not individually achieved, instead teams must collaborate and coordinate to succeed.

Mercy Gameplay Preview

FPS seems a saturated market but lets see if Blizzard comes up with a fresh air release since they are notorious for making high quality games.

What do you think about this upcoming release?


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