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Have A Nice Time With Blokus

Updated on September 21, 2010

Blokus Classics Game

Blokus Classics Game
Blokus Classics Game

Have a nice time with Blokus

Have a nice time with Blokus Classics board Game which gives you a combination of fun, excitement and brain development. It’s a strategy game the whole family can play together. Of cause, it certainly is a great gift, great toy and a classic game

Before going into detail, let’s talk about the price and our delivery benefits.

The listed price of Blokus Classics board Game is US $ 24.99.

But we have a special offer for you. If you buy it from us online, you need to pay $ 22.78 only and we have cut off 9% ($ 2.21).

If your total order exceeds $ 25, you can obtain FREE Super Saver Shipping too.

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Does Blokus Classics Game worth the cost?

Don’t you need a better explanation to say YES? Let’s see point by point.

Blokus Classics Game

Blokus Classics Game
Blokus Classics Game

Blokus Classics Game as an award winning product….

Blokus Classics board Game is really a nice strategy board game which has won more than 20 great awards for its design, quality, educational value, Eco friendliness and for finish and durability, including the Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity, and the Teacher's Choice Award too. This family game is the most awarded one in the board game history.

Blokus Classics Game as a classic board game….

Blokus Classics Game is an interesting board game which is a marked as an Abstract strategy game. So Blokus Classics Game is also coming under same category where world famous Clasic games such as checkers, chess, go, and mancala are in. It is called as Abstract strategy game as it runs under some standard rules basically such as ………..

  • Order of play is based on color, blue gets first, yellow second, red third and green the last.
  • Placing played pieces starts from four corners of the board as one color per corner and they have to be placed touching corner to corner of them and never edge to edge.
  • Each player has to pass the chance when he/she is unable to place any piece and let the game goes on until it ends when no one can place any piece.
  • At one game ends, the number of not-played pieces is counted as minus points for each player while those who don’t have any piece left, get +20 points bonus on their names.

Blokus Classics Game

Blokus Classics Game
Blokus Classics Game

Blokus Classics Game as a family game….

Blokus board game is a classic family game where two, three or four players can play. Not only for kids above 5, but for adults at any age also, this is an ideal strategy game. It is really good for adults for time pass while young can develop their brain power through strategic thinking on increasing their scoring through placing more and more pieces, blocking the others paths and spaces.

Blokus Classics Game as an educational game….

Kids can improve their mathematical skills too, as  Blokus Classics Game has many multiplications, additions and subtractions to do while playing.  Since the pieces are in several types with different point values, they learn how to calculate them even while a game is in progress, to estimate and compare each others’ points. Not like classroom lessons, game board lessons directly penetrate right into their brains and register there firmly due to the interest and enthusiasm they have upon them.

Experience, Happiness & Satisfactions……..

D. Moore an educator


Unlike most educational games, the rules are simple...every game is different, even if you play with the same people over and over.

kkgame Family game lover

Fast catching… My 5 year old and 12 year old could play with my husband and me and we all were challenged and had a blast!

Jenny D a housewife

What a gift… It turned out to be one the only games every member in my family can (and loves to) play!

So what’s more to say…

In ever aspect, isn’t Blokus Classics Game an ideal gift for any festival, congratulation or for a calibration? It really is. Blokus Classics Game has all the values there should be in a gift for a kid. It really worth every penny you spend for it. Though you buy this for your kid, finally it will be a great gift for the whole family. Have a nice time!

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