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Blood Ties - Event Guide - "Diablo 3"

Updated on February 21, 2019
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The BarracksThe map of the location's entrance in the Arreat Gate.The Guard of the Keep
The Barracks
The Barracks
The map of the location's entrance in the Arreat Gate.
The map of the location's entrance in the Arreat Gate.
The Guard of the Keep
The Guard of the Keep

This guide will cover Blood Ties in Act 3 of the video game Diablo 3, providing details and resources related to finding and completing the event. Events like this are essentially small mini quests found in the wilds of Sanctuary that often provide gold, experience and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

Finding the Event

Finding the Blood Ties event in Act 3 is pretty simple, as it has a specific spawn location which can be found quite often. Specifically you will want to go to the quest Machines of War and make your way to the Arreat Gate which is the first outdoor zone you travel to outside of the keep itself and where you are directed to go in the quest. From where you talk to Sgt Pale before entering The Battlefields area, just to the north you will find a possible spawn point for the dungeons Fortified Bunker and The Barracks.

You want to find The Barracks dungeon spawned there, otherwise quit and make a new game. You should start at the entrance to the Arreat Gate zone making it a quick walk over to check again. Once you do find the proper dungeon entrance, head inside and clear the large first floor on your way to finding the entrance to the second level. After entering the second level you should be guaranteed to find the Guard of the Keep who will start the event.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

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Clearing a pth through the monsters in level 2.Finding the wounded missing guard.
Clearing a pth through the monsters in level 2.
Clearing a pth through the monsters in level 2.
Finding the wounded missing guard.
Finding the wounded missing guard.

Blood Ties

"My friend was patrolling the depths before the breach! He's still alive down her; I know it. Please help me!"

Find the Missing Guard of the Keep

After talking to the event giver, you will be given your first objective of finding the missing soldier somewhere in the second level of the dungeon. Typically it seems he always shows up somewhere close to the Resplendent Chest, so the majority of this event is really just clearing monsters on your way to this guy.

One thing that seems to help is that the second level of The Barracks always seems to be much smaller and more linear than it's first, thus you can reach the chest quick by just heading in whichever major direction the flow of rooms seems to go in without checking every nook and cranny. The guard who gave you the event will join you as an unkillable follower until you find his companion, helping a bit with combat.

"He's alive! Praise Akarat!"
"I knew you would come back for me."

Talk to the Guard of the Keep

Once you've found the missing guard, who will be curled up and lying on the ground wounded, however alive and still breathing, all that is left is to start a conversation with the guard who gave you the event to hear some words of praise and receive your gold and experience reward. Essentially this event serves as a little bonus for clearing out such an unusually large dungeon, adding no extra challenge to the area since no additional monsters will spawn, or forcing you to go out of your way.

"Thank you, stranger. His family would never forgive me if I came back home without him."

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      Apologies for the sound issues in the video, will work on getting a fixed version to replace this one soon.


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