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Blood Bowl Team Manager Review

Updated on May 27, 2015

Blood Bowl


Blood Bowl Team Manager Review

I have been big fan of Blood Bowl and its many variation for some time now. From the video games, to the table top somewhat miniatures style game play to the now current card game. Although the card game is simpler and less gory than the video game it doesn't take away from its appeal. I really love the quick matches and deck building game style that Blood Bowl Team Manager offers. Blood Bowl Team Manager starts you out with a lot of team, and the subsequent expansion also offer you got content for the price. You don't have to spent a lot of money buying boosters, or core sets just to stay current, or competitive unlike TCG and Living Card Games.

Blood Bowl Team Manager

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Blood Bowl Team Manager Page Summary:

  • What is Blood Bowl Team Manager
  • How to Play Blood Bowl Team Manager
  • Game components of Blood Bowl Team Manager
  • The Expansion of Blood Bowl Team Manager
  • Final Thoughts

Blood Bowl Team Manager Review

What is Blood Bowl Team Manager?

Blood Bowl Team Manager is a footbrawl team building style card game. Blood Bowl Team Manager is a very simplified, and far lest bloody version of the video, and the miniatures games.

Blood Bowl Team Manger does not contain a board for a playing fields, nor does it has any tokens, or miniatures to depict the characters on the team rooster.

Blood Bowl Team Manager contains six of the more popular teams from the blood bowl franchise for you to manage. Those six teams being of course the Dwarves, the Wood Elves, the Orcs, the Humans, The Skaven, and the Chaos teams. More team can be got the the following expansions.

The season play out either by tournaments or match ups cards each of which has a resource which can be won, such as upgrade facility, hire staff, and draft new players, including star players. s Each player take turns to commit players from their respective teams to one side of the field or the other on the match ups or tournament cards.

Blood Bowl Component List:

  • 72 Starting Player Cards
  • 25 OWA Star Player Cards
  • 25 CWC Star player Cards
  • 32 Highlight cards
  • 14 Spike! Magazine Cards
  • 30 Team Upgrades Cards
  • 28 Staff Upgrade Cards
  • 18 Team Tokens
  • 30 Cheating Tokens
  • 6 Ball Token
  • 1 Golden Coin Marker
  • 4 Scoreboards
  • 2 six-sided Tackle dice
  • Rulebook

How to Play Blood Bowl Team Manager ?

The Game Round:

There are three rounds that comprise a season of Blood Bowl Team Manger. Each season manager have a chance to improve there team rooster, there team standing, and their teams fan base.


Maintenance Phase:

In the Maintenance Phase: each player refreshes cards, restocks their hand, and prepares for kick off. Any exhausted cards in this round get refreshed. Each player restock their hand, by drawing cards until they have six. Preparing for kick off, one player places a ball on each of the midfield of the highlight cards.

Match up phase:

In the Match Up Phases: each player commit one player, resolves abilities and skills.

Each manager commits one of his players from his hand on one side of the field or another. Players with the when played abilities get resolved first, and then any subsequent skills that the players has gets resolved.

Scoreboard Phase:

In the Scoreboard Phase: Each player resolves the matches, determines the winner, and collect payout. Each individual match up gets resolved first, and then the tournament matches if any. Any player winning the match ups collect the prize from the midfield.


Some but not all players on your team will have special skills or abilities. Choosing the right skill at an opportune moment can great improve your chances of winning a game round.


A player with the tackle icon may attempt a tackle for each icon that player posses. Each icon is resolved individually on one opponent multiples times or on multiple targets.


For each sprinting icon. That player's manager get to draw another card and discard one from his hand.


A player with the passing icon gets to collect the ball if its in the midfield. The ball is placed on the that player. If the opponent was the ball carrier at the time then the ball is then returned to the midfield.


Players with the cheating icon has to draw one random token from the cheating token pile. The cheating tokens are resolved on the scoreboard round.

Game Components of Blood Bowl Team Manager

The Player Cards:

The Player Cards: make up your starting team, most of these players on the rooster only have a few if any basic skills. The experienced manger will know how to make good use of them till he gets a chance to recruit better players.

Blood Bowl Cheerleaders


Star Player Cards:

Star player Cards: comprised of up and coming stars players, and player who haven't yet made it to the big leagues. These player get recruited when you win match up and tournament and will a much needed improvement to the starting line up.

Highlight Cards:

Highlight Cards: are essential match up cards. Each highlight card depicts a random payout which can be won on either side of the field and the midfield.

Spike! Magazine Cards:

Spike! Magazine Cards: Make up the tournaments, and random event that will have a deciding factor on the next match up or tournament.

Team Upgrade Cards:

Team Upgrade Cards: Comprise of facility or equipment upgrades. Each is unique to its own team. Can help make a difference in how to manage your team going forward.

Staff Upgrade Cards:

Staff Upgrade Cards: make the the team staff members in which the manager can hire. Staff Upgrade Cards include such n things as apothecaries, wizards, and position coaches.

The Expansion of Blood Bowl Team Manager

Blood Bowl Sudden Death Expansion

Introduces three new teams, The Black Fangs a Vampire team , The Noggaroth Nightmares a Dark Elf team, and The Champions of Dead an Undead team. Also introduce a new game mechanic in the use of New magical footballs which have various fans scores from 1 to 5, and contracts which are gain from winning highlight games and tournaments, but can only be counted a the end of the game.

Blood Bowl Foul Play Expansion

Introduce yet another three more teams, the Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats a Chaos Dwarf team, the Lowdown Rats a Goblin Team, and The Nurgle's Rotters a Nurgle Team also introduces an upgraded game mechanic in which it will be easy to cheat, and subsequently bribe the ref.

Final Thoughts

Blood Bowl I love the Video game I Love the card, and with The sudden death expansion which contains two of my favorite team the Undead, and the Vampires really hit a home run for me. I have spent hours playing with both the vanilla and there sudden death expansion pack, and never had the same outcome in all my games. It is usually a game I pull out especial for novice players because the rules are simple to learn and teach.

Blood Bowl team Manager

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