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Bloons TD Battles Strategy: ULTIMATE Guide for Newbies (Under 50 Battle Score)

Updated on March 22, 2014

Welcome to the Bloons TD Battles Ultimate Newbie Strategy Guide! Here you will learn how you can win your battles in Bloons TD Battles with the basic monkey towers you start with.

This guide is meant for those with under 50 battle score, but anyone can use the tactics in this guide.

This guide focuses on Assault mode

Not to hate on Defend mode players, but I absolutely hate playing Defend mode. The gameplay is slow and boring due to the horribly crippled income regeneration.

If I wanted to compete against NPCs, I would play Bloons TD 5 or some other Bloons TD Game!

Assault seems to be more popular and uses more tactic, so this guide will focus primarily on the Assault mode.

Bloons TD Battles Trailer

NOTE: While these tactics do work, you're going to ultimately need to buy additional towers with your medallions. I highly recommend the Bomb Towers and Boomerang Throwers.

The Basic Towers - What are you given?

When you start your account, you're going to have 4 towers:

  • Dart Monkey
  • Tack Shooter
  • Sniper Monkey
  • Ninja Monkey

Best Use for this Tower
Dart Monkey
This tower should rarely be used since money generation for Assault mode is high. You should only use this tower at the end of the track just in case balloons sneak past your main towers.
Tack Shooters
Tack Shooters are great for corners and trails that loop. You will be using this tower for windy stages.
Sniper Monkey
While the sniper monkey will not be used damage, it has a vital role for your starter set. More will be discussed later in this post.
Ninja Monkey
This will be the most important tower for your games. Ninja Monkeys are fast-attacking and very versatile. This will usually be the first tower you buy in your matches.

Beginning of the Match

At the start of every match, you want to put down a Ninja Monkey in a spot where it's range will cover both the tracks in the beginning, and in the end. Ninja Monkeys are fast attackers and they can easily catch fast-moving bloons like Pink balloons that tend to get away.

Below is a track with a great spot to put your Ninja Monkey:

In the picture above, you could also move the Ninja Monkey over to the right a little more to get more track coverage, but I prefer this spot because he has more access to the ends of the tracks. That way if my opponent decides to send in balloons I can pop them earlier.

Main point: The Ninja monkey should get the most track coverage.

What does an optimal beginner's setup look like?

Below, I have created an optimal setup for the same stage using 3 out of the 4 monkey towers (not using the basic monkey tower):

For my side of the board, I set it up so that there are two tack shooters, two ninja monkeys, and a sniper. For this particular stage with all it's windy roads, this is the best setup to get the most balloon access.

What's the purpose of the Sniper monkey?

When I play any version of Bloons TD, there are several towers that are absolutely needed for success:

  • Fast-attacking, single-target towers (Ninja Monkey)
  • Wide-damage towers (Bombs, Tack Shooter)
  • Bomb Towers or other MOAB fighters for late gameplay

While Sniper towers tend to be on the "waste-of-money" side of usual Bloons gameplay, when you're new to the game you do not have Bomb Towers unlocked yet.

So what does this mean?

It means Lead balloons will be the end of you.

The only tower that can pop lead balloons are snipers, so you're going to need them set up by round 10 since that's when your opponent can send lead balloons against you.

Make sure to also have the first left upgrade so that you can break the lead balloons, and set them to STRONG, not the default FIRST.

How do you make money for Towers?

When you start the match you are given residual income. Unlike other Bloons TD games, you don't get money for every balloon pop. Instead, you are given a $250 income that you receive about every 6 seconds (excluding lag).

The only way to build up your income is to send enemy balloons to your opponent. Each balloon group increases your residual income by a certain amount of money.

Typically, you want to be sending enough balloons every round so that you're growing your income by at least $20. Of course you can do more with any leftover dollars you have. I personally try to shoot for $30 every round.

For this guide I will be focusing on tactics for winning Assault mode.

I personally find Assault mode to be the funner mode in Bloons TD Battles. No offense to Defend mode lovers, but the income growth in that mode makes me want to cry, and balloons are immensely harder to pop due to the lack of income.

If I wanted to play Defend mode, I would instead play Bloons TD 5. At least then I wouldn't have to deal with slow income or player lag.

Grouped Balloons

Picture of grouped red balloons.
Picture of grouped red balloons.

Spaced Balloons

Picture of spaced pink balloons.
Picture of spaced pink balloons.

Explaining the Balloon Sending System

The Balloon Sending System in Bloons TD Battles is divided into two sections: the top section with grouped balloons, and the bottom section with spaced balloons.

Grouped Balloons are usually one-level weaker than the spaced balloons in the same column and are often more expensive. However, they are sent out almost immediately, come in clustered packs, and are often hard to clear for enemies that have towers with no mass-clearing abilities.

For example, an enemy with low-leveled boomerang throwers and ninja towers would find early-level grouped balloons hard to kill.

Spaced Balloons are on the bottom row of balloons. They are cheaper and are harder to kill, but they come out slowly and are spaced instead of in bunches. Initial spaced balloons aren't that strong, but for the later levels they can be devastating for the enemy (namely lead balloons, rainbow balloons, and ceramic balloons).

Do you enjoy playing Bloons TD Battles?

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Winning your Match - Take Advantage of Weak Spots

Instead of sending balloons just for the sake of building your income, you should constantly examine your enemy's field of towers to see what balloons you can send to decrease their lives.

One of the best weaknesses that are often overlooked are Camo Leads. A lot of players, especially newer players, forget about Camo Leads, so once the option to send Camo Leads is available take it.

However, I highly recommend that you send them in bulk. Once your opponent finds out about this weakness, they will scramble to try to get a tower than can both detect and pop lead balloons, so it's best to send them in all at once so your enemy will lose before they can react.

Future Buys: What should you spend your Medallions on?

As you start winning matches, you're going to want to use your medallons for new towers and existing tower upgrades. I would prioritize your medallion buys in the following manner:

  • Bomb Tower: This tower is absolutely needed for the later rounds when MOABs start to appear. You want to be able to take down MOABs ASAP with several bomb towers. The Tier 4 upgraded isn't too necessary, but it definitely helps if match goes past Round 40 or so.
  • Ninja Monkey Tier 4 Upgrade: The 5-shuriken throws are amazing at clearing large amounts of balloons. Combine that with the Right-side upgrades (seeking shuriken and distraction), you will be able to increase your balloon popping abilities much further.
  • Boomerang Thrower: The Boomerang thrower is great because he can shred lead balloons unlike the Ninja Monkeys. I would recommend getting the Tier 4 active only after the Ninja Monkey's Tier 4 active.

Final Points

This concludes the Newbie Guide. Remember that in order to win your matches, you're going to need to be able to read the opponent, react fast, and predict the gameplay based on future levels.

If you haven't played Bloons TD Battles yet, you can do so by clicking here.

Have any questions? Post below!


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    • profile image

      Provoke the master 14 months ago

      I actually thought

      That the response of this info is actually very bad

      It is actuallt a very bad strat

    • profile image

      Errorlight 16 months ago

      hey how to get more tower guy

    • profile image

      Master Ov 22 months ago

      Its pretty good but zebra rush is almost impossible to defend in this stragey

    • profile image

      Blobs 2 years ago

      Doesn't really work, Others will jusy Zebra Rush you!!

    • profile image

      supermonkey 2 years ago

      Very useful advice 4 begginers

    • TankMemic profile image

      Tank Memic 3 years ago from Missouri, United States. N.A.

      Sounds great, the guide on my Hub is very similar, although only focused on the Assault mode. You did great here!

    • profile image

      poomnok 3 years ago

      camo bloons get while play it unlock if you get to round 12

    • profile image

      laserzt 3 years ago

      How can i get camo bloons? The square underneath camo is empty and in the bloons upgrades i only have decals which i guess are decorations.