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Blue Whale Challenge: A Suicide Game

Updated on September 17, 2017

Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale Challenge: A Suicide Game

The 'Blue Whale Challenge' which is sometimes referred to as the 'Blue Whale Game' is an internet suicide game. This game consists of certain tasks to be performed by the participants or players.

The tasks are assigned by a group of administrators for a period of about fifty days. The players are required to commit suicide when they have reached the final challenge. It is a bizarre game where one can't exit the game as soon as the game progresses.

How does the game work?

All the tasks are to be completed within a period of fifty days. Some of the challenges include waking up at around 04: 30 AM in the morning, listening to various genres of music and self-mutilation.

Origin of 'Blue Whale Challenge'

The game was initially launched in Russia in the year 2013. It was developed by a psychology student named Phillip Budeikin. His main objective was to cleanse the society by encouraging the participants to commit suicide.

Blue Whale Challenge

The Creator of Blue Whale Challenge



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