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Updated on July 24, 2008

My Blythe Obsession.

It all started with her. I have known about Blythe for years but never gotten around to getting one. They were cute, but none on the market appealed to me in the big way.

Then a few weeks back, while out shopping, I strolled past a Toy Shop and on the window was her. I had found the Blythe I wanted without even meaning to buy one. Once I had the first, I could not stop. In a period of a short few weeks, I had became a Blythe expert through my relentless research on Blythes on the net.

In the span of 2 months, I have acquired 4 Blythes and sold one off. This obsession will continue and to help those who are curious about this lovely big eyed doll, here's all the information I have researched on.

I will be continuosly updating this. Do keep checking in!

Your Crash Course on Blythe.

Blythe was created in 1972 by the now defunct Toy Company known as Kenner. It was in the market for only a year in the USA before it was pulled off the shelves.

It appeared that back then, this 12" tall, big eyed doll with blinkable eyes that changed colour with a pull of the string behind her head scared the children too much.

Her reappearance can be attributed to Gina Garan, a New York TV and Video Producer. In 1997, her friend had given her a Blythe doll after noticing the similarities between the two. Gina began using her Blythe doll as her photography object. Soon they were inseperable and Gina Garan would bring her Blythe with her to all the exotic locations around the world taking pictures of her.

Her book, This is Blythe published in 2002 was the compilation of her work. Later that year, Hasbro gave Takara the manufacturing rights. Coupled with the exposure Blythe was given in a Parco advertisement in Japan, it developed a cult following.

Vintage 1972 originals fetched thousands of dollars on eBay and today, the target audience of the Blythe doll has shifted to adults.

The popularity of 12" Neo Blythe dolls has also led to the creation of the 5" Petite Blythe. The Petite Blythe do not have colour changing eyes, but comes with what the Japanese would term as the "Sleep" Eye. Meaning it will shut its eyelids when placed in sleeping postion.

From time to time, limited edition Neo Blythes and Petite Blythes are released. The numbers released can range from 500 to 3000 pieces world wide, making them highly covetable collectibles.

Keep an eye out on my eBay listings for the buys on eBay! Keep checking in as I will be updating!

Adopt your Blythe here!

Blythes are not easily available in the States and especially in Europe. Ebay is the best place to adopt your own Blythe today short of flying to Tokyo. Get all your vintage and latest Blythes all here!!

Find limited Anniversary Dolls on Ebay!!

Due to the limited quantity, Anniversary dolls are extremely hard to come by. They can only be bought through a lottery system which means, sometimes even when you are willing to spend the money, you may not get to buy the doll you want!

Chances are, most genuine buyers out of luck will have to turn to eBay. Here's a list of Anniversary dolls on sale on eBay. Good luck with bidding!

Find Limited Edition 500 dolls on Ebay

What's even better than Limited Edition Dolls? The super duper limited edition 500 dolls that is always never quite made available for the rest of the population outside of Japan.

These dolls are often released and sold at Blythe Events in Japan. Though often reasonably priced, their exclusivity makes them very pricey once they hit Ebay.

They are very rare and if you can afford them, I think they make a great collector's item! Find yours here on Ebay!

Find all the books you need about Blythe here!

This is Blythe
This is Blythe

The book that launched Blythe's popularity!

Blythe Style
Blythe Style

See Blythe all dolled up!!

Hello Blythe!: 30 Postcards
Hello Blythe!: 30 Postcards

Bring a smile to your girlfriends' faces! Say hi the blythe way.


Feel free to leave comments, questions or anything that pops into your mind at the moment!

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      theshrew 9 years ago

      Hello, I've created a blythe group... for all things blythe-related. I would be delighted if you would add your blythedoll squidoo lens to the group. :-)

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      Tonie Cook 10 years ago from USA

      Lovely site. You rate 5 stars from me, and you've been rolled onto my lens, too.

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      Great lens!

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      Welcome to the Collector Clubs group! I'd never heard of these dolls before, thanks for the 5 star lens.