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Where to Research a Board Game?

Updated on April 2, 2015
Research board game
Research board game | Source

For Your Consideration

Where to Research a Board Game?

Each year more and more new board games get developed, or reprinted. Some are great to play, some get hyped up because they've been seen on a certain Youtube channels, and some are complete flops. Although purchasing a board game isn't to much of a drain on your wallet, they can be a drain on your prescious free time. Noboby likes purchasing a board game, getting it home, trying it with friends, and find it its either to complacated to play or not the type of board game you and your friends will enjoy. Luckily there are certain things you can to prior to purchasing a board game that may help you make to right decision. A small investment of your time doing research can save you a lot of frustration, and help to make any purchasing decissions result in getting a great game that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Research a Board Game Page Summary:

  • Check Out the Board Game Website
  • Check out Board Game Geek
  • Check Out Youtube for Reviews
  • Check Out Youtube for Game Playthoughs
  • In conclusion:

Here are some ways to find out more about the board games you have your eye one. Doing a little research will help you make the right decision,but you shouldn't just make a decision based solely on one of these sources. Gathering information from many of these source can help you make the right and enjoyable decision.

Research Board Games

Do You Research Board Game Prior to Buying Them?

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Website | Source

Check Out the Board Game Website

Most newer board games will have a websites dedicated to displaying its own game, wether the game came from a manufacturer, or some form of funding campaign. These websites can give you a lot of information on the descriptions of the board game. Things like how many players, what is suggested age for playing this game , and also what catogory is falls under. All these are great to know but it doesn't paint a complete picture of how the game is played or how it looks.

Another thing to keep in mind when researching a specific board game on its dedicated websites is to consider the fact that this website is not entirely bias. It is there for the sole purpose of selling this board game to you. I'm not saying that this is entirely wrong, but do not be to hasty in buying a board game because it has a great website and a fancy cover.

For Your Consideration!

Check out Board Game Geek

Board Game Geek is a very good place to find out ratings on the board game your researching to buy. Board Game Geek at first glance offers you the games board game rank, Geeek rating, average rating and also the number of voters. On further search you can find a lot more information such as designer, artist, publisher, and much, much more. A whole slew of informatioon can be found on Board Game Geek.

On thing to keep in mind for Board Game Geek, is although the websites is completely unbias, the ratings system sometimes suffers from being favorable to a particular board game do to being over hyped. These are do to events such as a newly released board game, or a recent activity such has been watched on a certain channels (tabletop). With all this in mind, Board Game Geek should still give you some great info about the board game you desire to purchase.

Check Out Youtube for Reviews

Youtube is an excellent place to see reviews about any paticular board game. Some wonderful channels that offer great un bias reviews on any board game known to the planet include: Dice Tower, and StarliteCitadel to name a few. These are but a some of my favorite channnels to explore when looking for reviews on any board game. I am sure with a little research you will find some that apppeal to you as well. Just make sure that the channels you are watching , aren't ones that profits from advetising certain board games.

Reviews on board games are a great way to see the pros and cons of any board game. However this doesn't always tell you everything about the board game itself. Not everone has the same taste when it comes to board games. So a con from someone may not be to much of a negative factor for another, and vice versa. Not all reviewers will like every board game they review, there are a lot of factors in play when people give reviews. Maybe the reviewer didn't get to fully experience the board game like in was intentioned to, or maybe the reviewer isn't fond of the particular genre of board game he/ she is reviewing. It is always a good idea to consider multiple source of info before you make a decision on a board game.

Check Out Youtube for Game Playthroughs

Not only is Youtube a great way to see reviews on any board game, but also it is a great way to see how the board game is intended to be played. My two favorite options for these are Tabletop hosted by Wil Wheaton on the Geek and sundry channles, and BoardGameGeekTV. both of these offer you a way to see in an enteraining way how the board game you wish to know more about , and possibly purchase fro your collection is supposed to be played. What is great about these channels is that you pick up the rules has you are watching, so when and if you decide to play the game you can litteraly play it out of the box.

One of my favorite places to see board games being played is tabletop. Although it doesn't have that many board games feartured on it yet, because they are currently in the middle of there third season, no word yet if they will do a fourth. However, the board games that are featured on this channel look really fun and enjoyable to play. This is not an easy task to perform considering all the different genres of board game out there. It may not always be easy or possible to make any board game playthough look and feel like it is enjoyable to play.

Research Board Games

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In conclusion:

As you can now see doing a little research before purchasing a new board game to add to your collection can be quite a process. You must take a lot of factors in consideration before making an informed decision. There are many place for you to get information about your desired board game, however not all of these are bias, or paint you a complete picture of the board game in question. Despite the many sources listed above they only collectively still give you a narrow insight on what your desired board game is going to be like. It think you'll agree that taking the time to do a little research will result in purchasing a board game that is going to be right for you, your friends, or family unit. In the end only you can make that decision.

What are your ways to research board games?

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    • profile image

      Vanyaserra 2 years ago

      Although, I like Will Wheaton, his taste in games does not match up with mine almost at all. So Tabletop for me is almost useless. I tend to tap into friends who buy games. They tend to know most of what I like and are able to give me a brief idea what the game is about and from their tone and description I can usually tell if it is something that suits me. Also, sometimes if they own the game I just ask them to play it.