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Fun Board Games To Buy As Gifts

Updated on January 31, 2012

Winter is the best time to play board games with friends and family.Mainly because it is very nice to be in a warm room with all the people you love, and it can get very cold in the northen hemisphere during winter.Many choose to watch TV or play video games, instead of board games.While that is great, board games, gives the chance to connect with each other and communicate.It is always a good idea to get a board game as a present for someone you love, it is always a welcomed gift.

Nowadays there is a huge variety of different board games available, so the hardest part is choosing the game itself.There are classics, like chess, Monopoly, Scrabble or Jenga, and there are also board games that are new and can be very much fun.

Spy Alley

Spies have always filled peoples imaginations.This game puts the player in the role of a spy, as well as a counter spy.All that takes place in a dark alley called - Spy Alley, that´s where the name comes from.Every player becomes a secret agent or a spy for their given country and try to uncover their opponents identity while maintaining their own identity a secret.The basic objective to get to the home base and collecting equipment along the way or to be the last to lose your identity.The trick here is, that if you are a German spy, you´ll need German equipment, so to trick others you´ll buy let´s say Spanish equipment.There are total of six nations in the game.The game is kind of a mix of monopoly, chess, poker( all the bluffing) and Clue.Spy alley is a really fun game for children and adults equally, one of the best family board games for sure, and a great board game for Christmas as well.

The Settlers of Catan - Always something new

Made by Mayfair Games, Settlers of Catan is a strategy-board game, where players collect various resources and using these resources build roads, settlements and cities.And what makes it always engaging is the fact that the board is variable, therefore every game is different from the next.The game has a very high replay value.The rules are simple and very easy to learn.It actually comes with a very helpful rule book, filled with colorful pictures and instructions.The game requires three or four players, but with expansion up to 6 players can enjoy the game.To win you need good negotiation skills and a good strategy, and that is what makes this game educational, but yet so fun to play.The only thing bad about the game is that, if you decide to buy the expansions as well, it is a bit pricey.

Trivia Board Game

This is probably one of the most fun board games there is.The whole point of the game is that, players play as teams, BUT teams change throughout the game and only one player emerges victorious.The game is for six to eight players.Only bad thing that might be not so bad after all is that it takes time to get the hang of this game, so one might not be very enthusiastic taking it out of the box, however, it is a lot of fun playing.It is very much a team-oriented game, but since the teams change with every roll of a dice you really have to be on alert.Every round there is one captain, the captain changes with every toss.Captain asks all kinds of trivia questions and to advance in the game the team has to answer correctly to the questions.There is also a thing called "Attack", where one player is the goat, other players try to decide whether to join or not to join the attack.However, if the attack proves to be successful, the attacker move forward, if unsuccessful, the victim moves forward.The game is really fun and unique.

Abstract Board Game

Da Vinci´s Challenge is a fun abstract game made and published by Biarpatch games.To win the player must replicate ancient Egiptyan patterns shown on a sheet that comes with the game.So the patterns correspond to various different values.You can use your moves to build your pattern or to block opponents.The game is very well designed and looks very nice, very nicely made out of wood.However, the game is quite hard for children, it is even quite hard for adults, but in a good way.It says that it is a 4 player game, while actually it is a 2 player game.However, if you wish you can play in teams.The game helps develope math skills for sure and it is also quite fun.

Rigamarole Board Game

Rigamarole is a variety party game for ages 16 and up.The basics are much like other party games, Cranium for an example, the difference is that this on is more broadly based, testing skill, overall wisdom and knowledge plus it is good to know random facts.Unlike Cranium this game has six categories and each category features unique set of activities, activities do not repeat, they are all unique, well almost.It is a great game and you´ll discover that your friends and family have skills that you aren´t even aware of.

Other games to consider..

In this article I only had the time and space to introduce you to some of the many very good, fun and bonding board games.There are dozens of cool board games, some more popular than others, and the popularity isn´t always justified, if you have seen and played the unpopular games.On right you can see 5 board games, I think that the first two or three don´t need much of an introduction.Dominion is very different from all others since it is a card game, but the game gives a very bonding and fun experience.However, the last 2 are quite unpopular.3 Stones is a beautiful abstract game that consists of a wooden board and three colors of class beads, it is like a extremely hard tic-tac-toe or a super easy Go.The fifth one on the list is just a great word game, for those, who like word games, I personally enjoy them and just felt that it would be unjust to leave that game out, however I did left some good games out, so if you didn´t find anything here hopefully you will somewhere or you can make your very own board game.There isn´t a better gift for Christmas than your very own board game, there is actually a book on how to make one, it can be found under this sentence.Good luck shopping!

Journey to Gameland: How to Make a Board Game from Your Favorite Children's Book
Journey to Gameland: How to Make a Board Game from Your Favorite Children's Book

You can always make your very own board game for Christmas.



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    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      Used to love playing board games, I haven't played any in a while.Maybe I'll get me one for Christmas.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      I love board games, but I have never played any of these or heard of them. Wow. I know old goodies like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Monopoly etc. I agree that board games are better than video games-more interactive with the family. I live alone, so I don't gt the opportunity often anymore. But I love them.