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Board Games For Four-Year-Olds

Updated on February 24, 2013
Trouble is always fun, especially when it's Hello Kitty Trouble
Trouble is always fun, especially when it's Hello Kitty Trouble | Source

Family Game Nights

Board games have a special place in my heart - I grew up playing with my family and friends and still look forward to game night. Now that I have my own kids, I want them to enjoy games as much as I did (or do). They teach problem solving, counting, sharing, teamwork and more. Board games are also a great alternative to tv and videos.

Here are the top board games for 4 years olds - as tested by my four year old and her friends.


Memory is a timeless classic that is as fun as I remember from my own childhood. In Memory, children take turn pairs of cardboard drawings. The game comes with 72 cards, but for younger children, you can play with fewer cards to match their skill level. Although, you might be surprised at how sharp their memory can be.

We have several versions of this classic game, including Strawberry Shortcake and Superheros. Our two-year old wants to play with his big sister, but isn't quite ready. I'll also admit, as a mom, to loving the fact this is game is quiet and doesn't require any batteries. This is one of my favorite games to play with my daughter.

Butterfly Bingo

Butterfly Bingo, part of the Lucy Hammett games product line, is a great interactive learning experience for kids. Butterfly photos are printed on the bingo boards and cards. As you draw butterfly cards, kids are asked to find the matching image on their bingo card. The first kid to "BINGO" wins. There is information about each image printed on the back of the card, so it's also a great way to learn about butterflies.

There are other versions of the Bingo games as well, including states Bingo, Bible Bingo, Dog Bingo and more. I really think it has a lot of learning value. The only downside is that the bingo cards are printed on flimsy card stock, so I am not sure how they will hold up with years of play. But, for now this is one of my 4 year old daughters favorite games, and again, one that mom and dad enjoy playing with her.

Memory is a great learning game for four-year-olds
Memory is a great learning game for four-year-olds | Source


The "pop-o-matic" bubble is still as fun as it ever was. While we are currently playing with a Hello Kitty version of the game, it is still the fun game I remember from my childhood. The object of the game is to bring all four of your game pieces around the board into your "home" space. If you land on your opponents peg, you bump him or her back home. Race around the board to see who can get all 4 pegs home first.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Another classic kids game loved by both my four year old and my two year old. See who's hippo can gobble up the most marbles to win the game. The only downside - the marbles are always getting lost, especially since the game doesn't fit back into the box once it's assembled.


This is a great game! It has lots of movement and stretching - helping my kids get a little exercise in during game time. It also helps teach body parts, colors and left and right. Kids also get to practice balance and coordination. All while laughing hysterically at the crazy positions you twist yourself into. In fact, consider buying four games and playing ULTIMATE TWISTER with 12 people.

Another great thing about Twister is that it is a game your kids won't outgrow. Okay, honestly, I still like to play it myself. Consider this $20 well spent.

Hi Ho Cherry-O

Hi Ho Cherry-O is another game loved by both my two year old and four year old. The object is to be the first to get 10 cherries in your basket. There is no reading required and it's a great way to help learn counting skills, for taking turns and for following simple rules. Placing the small cherries on the tree is also good for developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


Candyland rounds out my four-year olds favorite games. In Candyland, children draw colored cards and move their plastic gingerbread playing tokens to the next square of the same color. This is great at helping kids learn colors and very basic counting while teaching patience. Because you can get sent back to a previous space, it helps kids learn that things don't always go the way they want them to go. It's not as quick as something like Hi-Ho Cherry-O, so it does take a little more patience. But, it's worth the wait!

Game Nights With 4 Year Olds

I love game times with my little girl and I hope our favorite games can inspire you to have a game night in our house. What is your favorite game to play with your four-year-old?


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