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Top Board Games for Kids Ages 3 - 10 2015

Updated on May 5, 2015

There are so many board games on the market that finding the right one is possible, though maybe a bit daunting at first.

Believe it or not, board games were available in toy stores in England during the 1720's. The United States did not manufacture and sell its first board game until 1843. By the early 20th century children's board games were becoming more popular and by that time, hundreds of thousands of games were being made each year. So, with technological advances you can only imagine that there are even more board games available than back then.

Benefits of Board Games

Board games are not just for entertainment, many of them are made to help improve memory, verbal and mathematical skills. Games like this help bring people together, and give families a chance to spend quality time together.

Many games help develop new skills and concepts such as grouping, counting, number and shape recognition. Letter recognition and reading are also learned while playing certain types of board games. Visual perception and color recognition are also enhanced, as well as hand eye coordination and manual dexterity being developed as well.

Games do not need to be overly academic for children to learn from them. Simply playing a game helps teach a child to share, communicate verbally, learn patience by waiting to take their turn, and enjoying interaction with others. I have also found that my children seem to have their attention spans extended because they have to wait while others take their turns.

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Things to Consider When Shopping

I highly suggest thinking about the type of child, or children, that you are buying a board game for.

If you have an overly active child, a strategic board game that requires a lot of sitting and thinking might not to engage that child so much. I suggest finding games that move quickly or even have different physical actions incorporated while playing.

For children that might struggle with reading or math skills, a board game that incorporates those kinds of things can help them learn. It's true that it might be frustrating at first for them, but it will really help them in the long run.

Make sure to check the age recommendations for each game you are considering. Aside from things being a choking hazard for young children, sometimes the age requirements can be a bit flexible depending on the child.

For instance, the game Yahtzee is recommended for children eight years of age and older. However, my three year old always wanted to play with us. We did have to help guide her and know which combinations of numbers to work on getting, but she grasped the concept very quickly and at such a young age was winning games against all of us old folks.

For children, I highly suggest finding games geared specifically for them, or party games since they are more action oriented.

5 Great Kid's Board Games 2015

HiHo! Cherry-O Game

A classic game that never seems to get old is Hi Ho Cherry-O. This game is recommended for children ages three and up. It is made for 2 to 4 players and takes about 15 minutes to get through an entire game.

Each player has its own tree with individual cherries that are placed. When the spinner lands on a number that is how many cherries are removed from the tree and placed in the bucket. However, be careful of the dog, the bird, and the spilled bucket which require you to put cherries back on your tree.

The first one to get all 10 cherries in their basket is the one who wins. There is no reading required so it is very appropriate for younger children and helps them learn to count.

5 stars for HiHo Cherry-O

Mousetrap Game

Another game that has been around for many years, in fact I remember playing it as a child myself, is Mousetrap. This game is recommended for children ages six and up because it does feature small parts that could be a choking hazard for younger children.

2 to 4 players are required to build a contraption that pits players against each other as mice try to make it through a very complicated mouse trap. The object of the game is to be the first one to finish and grab another player's mouse before you run gets caught. This game is a really good at developing fine motor skills.

Looping Louie

Looping Louie is a fast paced game that takes only about 10 minutes, accommodates 2 to 4 players, and is recommended for ages four and older. Louis is a very daring pilot who likes to fly around in circles for excitement.

When he does this, the chickens at your nearby farms become frightened as he flies too close. The object of the game is to save your chickens by sending Louis up and away as quickly as you can. This is a great game for children who have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time.

Hedbanz Game

Do you remember that game "What Am I?"? Well, Hedbanz is virtually the same but is a lot more fun. The game includes 74 cards with different pictures, chips to help keep score, and six headbands.

It is recommended for children ages seven and up. The object of the game is to be the first to guess what you are and get rid of all your collected chips. This is also a fast paced game with a 1 minute timer that keeps the rounds moving quickly. I like that there are sample question cards that help give tips to children for what questions to ask.

Angry Birds King Pig Castle

I'm not sure that there is any child over two years old that does not know what Angry Birds is. Well, this Angry Birds King Pig Castle Game is three dimensional. It includes 350 parts so you can build one level of a castle to knock down.

I like that you can purchase additional pieces to build even more levels of the castle. There are five birds included to use on the catapults. The instruction manual is very helpful for you to construct levels, but it this game also encourages children to use their own imagination while building.

© 2013 Brandon Hart

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      Dil Vil 

      4 years ago from India

      So sweet board games :)


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