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Did Tabletop Bring back Family Game Night?

Updated on March 17, 2015

Quick One to Pull Out and Play

Today I'm going to look at what I believe to be the main contributor to this effect (in my own humble opinion) Tabletop. Tabletop is a big deal, it has had a massive impact on board games sales throughout Canada and the united states. It has had an impact on how friends and family are getting together not only to see the webisodes, but also to learn about and play the games they feature. As I stated above there are other channels that offer reviews and game play info, but none I feel have had the synergy or impact that Tabletop has. Follow me, has we explore what could be the main cause behind family units connecting once again through board game play.

Tabletop and Family Game Night Page Summary

  • The Resurgence of Game Play in Families
  • What is Tabletop
  • The Game Play of Tabletop
  • The Wheaton Effect
  • Indiegogo Funding Campaign
  • Family Game Night and Tabletop
  • In Conclusion


The Resurgence of Game Play in Families.

There has been a certain resurgence of family board game night occurring over the last several years, More and more families are putting away there their phones and tablets and getting together to play board games. I haven't seen this occur since I was a youngster many years ago. What could be the contributing factors? Is this growth sparked by the multitude of You tube channels that have sprung up recently? Shows that teach us how certain board games are played, and also offer non bias reviews. Is it channels like Tabletop, StarlitCitadel, and the Dice Tower? Is it the creation of international tabletop day? Or is the ease in which we are able to get board games from online sources in a manner of days? All these factors combined could possibly explain the main cause in this recent upswing in board games being played with family and friends.

What is Tabletop.

Tabletop is hosted by the Awesome Wil Wheaton and produced on co-creator Felicia Day's Geek and Sundry Channel is It has been described as “like Celebrity Poker meets Dinner for Five, where interesting people got together for tabletop games." Tabletop was created in order to showcase why people play tabletop games and why gaming form bonds among all kinds of people. Tabletop Features TV and you tube personalities getting together and playing board games. Wil Wheaton has had a multitude of guest such as Seth Green, Ashley Johnson, Jeri Ryan and to infrequently for my taste Felicia Day (Hot) herself. What is most entertaining about watching Tabletop is how the TV and you tube personalities not comely seen together interact in this setting. Tabletop is a brilliant you tube sensation bringing famous personalities together to interact and mingle while playing some of the more popular board games.

Quote taken from Wikipedia

Tabletop Season Three Premiere

The Game Play of Tabletop.

The current goal of Tabletop, that the guest seem to share is to make Wil Wheaton lose. Sometimes this is done intentionally sometimes not, but is seems to happen a lot. Despite all this, he is as always is a great sport about it. The winners of Tabletop usually gets a prize, anything from a certificate to a piece of tape with your name on it, to a trophy. He or she also has bragging rights and gives a victory speech if so chooses. The losers often accompanied by Wil get to sit on the losers couch. There was at some point in time a seat reserved for Mr... Wheaton because of his constant losing streak. I love tuning in to see if Wil Will win the game or be defeated as usual. All this make for some enjoyable episodes shared among friends and family, that we often return to and watch again.

Wil Finally Wins A Game

The Wheaton Effect.

For roughly forty minutes we are entertained all the while learning about a new board game we probably would not have known about or had no prior interest in before, But while watching Wil Wheaton and guests play, most of us see this board game in a new light, are are often compelled to purchase this game afterwards. The phenomenon has recently been named the Wheaton Effect. This compulsion to purchase the featured board game has had a profound impact on sales on board games not only for online, and local game stores, but also has caused some manufacturer to have been sold out shortly after a certain episode of tabletop has aired. This event is in some ways similar to Oprah's book of the week. Whereas the feature book of the week she advertise would get a huge boost in sales and often be rocketed to the number one spot in a matter of days.

Indiegogo Funding Campaign.

Tabletop is currently in its third season, but it would not have made it so if it wasn't for the help of many fans. Tabletop has been sponsored by Google for the first two seasons. The Two co- creators Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day decided to go independent in the making of a Third season of Tabletop. Though Indiegogo and the help of us fans, they decide to let the fans have a voice in the creation of the third season. If 500,00 was raised it would allow for the creation of 15 episodes of Tabletop, 750.000 would allow for 20 episodes, and 1,000,000 raised would allow for all episodes as well as a RPG spin off. The respond was quick and overwhelming. They managed to gather funds in the some of 1,414,154. There was even a small boy who sent in his allowances of 1 dollar in order to help in the make making of season three.

Kid Donate Allowance


Family Game Night and Tabletop.

Is there a correlation between Tabletop and family board game nights? Wil Wheaton and his creation of Tabletop certainly are responsible for an impact in the board gaming community, but are they the sole contributors, or are there other factors to consider as well. What is your take on all this do you think the world has changed despite the fact that more and more people are plug in to there own worlds though digital devices. In a world where many of us can't survive without cell Phone=hone coverage it is certainly nice to see families taking quality time to spent together. Whether the event will continue after the end of tabletop and what the future holds for said series no one knows for sure right now. I prefer to remain optimistic and hope for a few more series, as well as a continuation of family board game nights.

In Conclusion.

As you can see, I believe there is a sufficient amounts of proof to entertain the premise that the Tabletop is responsible for the recent resurgence of family game nights, but as I stated above this is my own humble opinion that I am sharing. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. Although bringing people together to play board games was a goal in the two co-creators minds from the start no one could have predicted that this effect would take on a global scale. Whether this is a happy accident or a sign of hope, I know the world is better for it. And its all do to an idea and gaming.

Family Game Night

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    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 3 years ago from Germany

      This is the first time I have heard this Tabletop board game. It is very interesting and informative to read. Thanks for the heads up.

    • DavidCombs profile image

      DavidCombs 3 years ago

      Thank you FerrousW, you bring up an interest point that I haven't considered. it is true that we board gamers have recruited many people one by one. and yes Settler of Catan has had it impact, but it still doesn't explain why so many two families actually take the time and sit down with there kids and play board games together.

    • profile image

      FerrousW 3 years ago

      I chose not to vote, as I do t think either answer is correct. I believe that TableTop has had an indelible effect, and continues to do so, on the overall increase in awareness of more than the usual manner of Boardgames. But a great deal of that awareness has to do as much with TableTop, as is has with the hundreds of thousand Boardgame players and Boardgame advocates that week by week convert one person after another to the world of Boardgames. It's been going on for more than twenty years, since Settlers of Catan first made it to America. TableTop has just opened the floodgates....