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Bookworm, Slingo and other fun word games you can play on your PC

Updated on May 7, 2015


Bookworm is a word forming puzzle game published by PopCap Games. Players are provided with a grid of available letters and must connect them to form words. As the words are formed, the letters are removed from the grid which collapses to fill in available spaces. Players earn more points by creating longer words or words which make use of less common letters. The tiles appear in various colors each with their own attributes. Green tiles offer more points and appear randomly or are awarded for the formation of long words. Gold, Diamond and Sapphire tiles are awarded to indicate skill in forming longer words and using these will increase the number of points earned. Red or Burning tiles automatically move downwards through the game and if they reaches the bottom the grid burns out ending the game. It is necessary to remove these tiles quickly by using them in words. The game includes two different modes: Classic and Action. Classic mode is a little easier as it gives the player unlimited time to form their words. However, in action mode the letter tiles move and red tiles are more frequent making it easier to form longer words.

With lots of fun sound effects and animations, Bookworm has become one of the most popular and standard online word games.

Mini Game

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Bonnie's Bookstore

Boonie's Bookstore is a word puzzle game developed by New Crayon Games and published by PopCap Games. The storyline behind the game is that Bonnie runs a bookstore that she has inherited. One day, she discovers a series of paintings depicting scenes from popular children's stories. Bonnie decides to become an author and use the paintings as illustrations. Each of the 50 game stages represents a chapter of a book.

On each stage, tiles containing letters are arranged in a pattern. Players must use adjacent letters to form words and earn points. More points are awarded for longer words. Usually letters are removed from the board once thy are used and existing letters move downwards to allow new letters to fill in gaps from the top. The game is available on a number of platforms including Windows, Macintosh and Game Boy Advance. There are also smartphone app versions available for download.

The game has a fun literature feel, which is perfect for anyone who loves all of the fantastic stories and worlds contained in classic books.

Slingo Quest

Slingo Quest is a standalone computer game version of the hugely popular multi-player online game Slingo which features a mixture of slots and bingo. Slingo Quest adds adventure mode options to the familiar game allowing players to move among exotic islands such as Pirate's Hideout and Puerto Slingo by completing stages across a campaign map. Each level features a bingo style grid containing random numbers. Below each column is a spherical slot machine style window. The player has 20 pulls of the slot machine mechanism, with each pull generating new numbers below each column. The goal is to pair the slot machine generated numbers with those on your bingo grid. Every horizontal, vertical or diagonal line matched completely results in a 'Slingo'. Points are awarded for matching numbers, earning a slingo and filling every colored square in a particular level's card. There are also a number of upgrades and hidden bonuses and traps including free spins, jokers and devils.


Lottso! Is a game that offers a unique blend of bingo and lottery available to play on the gaming website While the outcome is primarily determined by luck, it is possible to develop strategies for winning the game. Lottso! Is played online with between 2 ans 20 players, although players can also play alone if they choose. A triangle appears on screen containing either 6 numbers, 5 numbers and a star, or 4 numbers and 2 stars. Three tickets containing numbers appear to each side of the screen. The object of the game is to place the numbers inside the triangle in the tickets that have matching numbers. Unlike bingo, where numbers can be placed on all cards being played, a Lottso! Ball can be placed only once. This means players must develop a strategy. Knowing which cards will be worth the most points and clearing them first will help players to win the game.

More Fun

This is a lord word worm puzzle. It's filled out by using seed words, which you'll alter by one letter and go around the chain. You can make the chain go in a variety of ways, but the end result must be one single "worm" of words.
This is a lord word worm puzzle. It's filled out by using seed words, which you'll alter by one letter and go around the chain. You can make the chain go in a variety of ways, but the end result must be one single "worm" of words.


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