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Borderlands 2 Information: Badass Ranks, Character Special Powers, and More!

Updated on August 28, 2012

Gearbox's much anticipated role playing shooter, Borderlands 2, will still feature the same action packed four-player cooperative play that made the original so fun. There will be four new characters to play as, although the original cast from the first Borderlands will make a cameo appearance as NPCs (similar to how Left 4 Dead characters made an appearance in L4D2). Gearbox is not "reinventing" the wheel with Borderlands 2, meaning it will still be the same concept, but with a more refined and expanded experience. [Borderlands 1] required invention because no one had really done that before," says Gearbox's Randy Pitchford.

Borderlands 2 will have more weapons, more enemies, and a larger world to explore. The classes of the new characters will now have an emphasis on skills rather than weapon specialties. This will allow the player(s) to experiment with a more variety of weapons. Experience points will be used on one of the three skill trees. These skill trees upgrades the characters class specific ability.

There were some complaints about the AI in the original Borderlands, such as the NPCs being unintelligent and unresponsive.This issue has been addressed in Borderlands 2. Enemies will be much more coordinated, intelligent, will react to your attacks more effectively, and will be much more diverse overall. Your foes should prove more challenging and offer a more realistic experience in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Badass Ranks and Character Special Powers

Borderlands 2 is introducing something new called "Badass Ranks." Badass Ranks track and reward all of your career progress in Borderlands 2. The player will earn a badass rank when completing a challenge on the challenge list. "When you rank up you earn these tokens and you can spend the tokens to improve certain stats," explains Gearbox President Pitchford. Players will have a much greater incentive to complete challenges.

When you earn a token, you will be presented with over a dozen stats to improve. This ranges from decreased reload time, rate of fire, aiming speed etc. Borderlands 2 will randomly select 5 stats out of the full list. From there you will be able to choose which stat you want to upgrade. It's actually possible to get the same stat upgrade multiple times in a row. There will be NO LIMIT to the amount of Badass Ranks you can earn, unlike the level 50 max cap.

Badass Ranks do not just apply to your current character either. They will apply to every new character that you create in Borderlands 2. That means that if you increased a stat to you current character, that stat will already be improved to a new character you create. In this fashion, if you make a new character you will not be starting from scratch completely.

Borderlands 2 Character Special Powers

Axton, Commando Class: Can deploy a Scorpio Turret that automatically fires at enemies

Zero, The Assassin Class: (Deception) - Create a holographic decoy and vanish temporarily.

Salvador, The Gunzerker Class: (Gunzerking) - Can dual wield to annihilate enemies!

Maya, The Siren Class: (Phaselock) - Phase an enemy into another dimension


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