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Borderlands it worth going back to Pandora?

Updated on November 7, 2012

Of course the answer is YES!

If you have played the first, and loved it as much as I have, then this is a no-brainer...go out and get it. If you never ever heard of Borderlands...say you're living under a rock or something...then you owe it to yourself to try this game. It's an action-adventure FPS (first person shooter), and no this isn't a Call of Duty if that's what you're looking for then move along...there's nothing here to see.

All the elements that made the first game great have returned plus more, lots (and lots) of guns/loot for you to gather, funny and cleverly written dialog and of course in pure Borderlands fashion the off-the-wall characters that seem to have escaped from an insane asylum.

The AI isn't as stupid this time around either, they will actually try to get out of the way of your bullets and chase after you if you're trying to run and gun. They've also added way more skills for you to choose from this time, making it a whole lot easier to setup your character to fit your playing style...and if you're into this kind of thing, there are a whole lot of skins for the players/vehicles you can play dress up with.

The incredible co-op has returned make sure you tell your buddies to also pick it up...and if you don't have any friends (which is sad and my heart goes out to you) there's plenty of people playing online who would be willing to help you out. Now of course the game can be played solo too, but I must say, there are parts that would be a heck of a lot easier with a friend by your side.

The controls are fluid, very easy to pick up and play. There's no learning curve here, from the wet behind the ears noob, to the experienced hardcore gamer, we're all on a level playing field in Pandora.

The visuals are beautiful, just as they were in the first. The comic-book-like--art style is vibrant and very pleasing to the eye. The locations range from a snowy mountain side, to a high-tech futuristic city...with lots in-between. You can really get lost in the Borderlands just site seeing.

The story (don't worry, no spoilers here) is predictable and very cheesy...but honestly no real big surprise there. It's not as if anyone was expecting Borderlands 2 to win any awards for best screenplay...besides, you don't play Borderlands for the story, you play it for the crazy thrill ride it is. They also do a great job incorporated the characters and storyline from the first game into this one, which will make fans of the series very happy.

There's much to do in the Borderlands...and much to kill and loot. So do yourself a favor and get off the computer an into Borderlands won't be sorry.

If you're a person who likes DLC, I would highly recommend picking up the Borderlands 2 season will be worth it in the me. They have already released on addon pack "Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty" which is a lot of fun and really adds to the overall experience. If you don't feel comfortable shopping online then just wait for the inevitable "game of the year" version which should include all the DLC.


5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Borderlands 2


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