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Borderlands Missions - 6 to 10 - Arid Badlands

Updated on January 9, 2010

Skag Gully Location

The red square is the Fyrestone Gate
The red square is the Fyrestone Gate


Now we start with the 'real' missions, as the last 5 were basically tutorials. The missions should get slightly harder from now on, so remember to stock up on better weapons and ammo frequently. The next set of missions also feature a new area called Skag Gully, which is situated To the East of Fyrestone.

T.K. Baha

How can a blind man see where to shoot?
How can a blind man see where to shoot?

6. Blinding Nine-Toes

  • For this mission, you will need to kill a minimum of 8 Bandits. The Bandits are located in a little encampment to the South-West of the Fyrestone gate. There are more than 8 Bandits in the camp as well as a Red Chest (which I would recommend opening because you never know what could be inside). But to get the red chest, it would be easier to kill all of the Bandits (about 10-12). After you have done that, return to Zed.

7. Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha

  • This mission is relatively simple, just walk straight up the hill in front of you and then left towards the little shack. A cutscene introducing T.K. Baha should play. After that, talk to T.K. to finish the mission and start the next.

8. Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food

  • For this mission, you should head to the right (if you are looking T.K. straight on), and into his storage garage. A Skag Whelp should be there looking for food, it will attack you upon sight. Kill that and then carry on walking away from T.K.'s shack. Just follow the diamond indicator at the bottom of your screen to locate the exact placement of the food. When you have it all, return to T.K.

9. Got Grenades?

  • After accepting this mission, head back to Fyrestone and toward the place where the ClapTrap repair kit was. The house should now open up its door. Go inside and activate one of the vendors. Buy a grenade (maybe buy 3, it may help), and then return to T.K. Baha.


This is gonna be interesting...
This is gonna be interesting...

Video Walkthrough

10. Nine-Toes: Take Him Down

For this mission you will need to go to Skag Gully (See above). Once there you will see 2 vendors, stock up if needed. Then carry on forward, through the little tunnel bit, and then turn left. Continue forward and fight off any Skags that you may encounter (a lot). When you come to a crossroads, turn right and under another tunnel bit. Then fight off any Skags and make another right and then forward. You should see a grave that is flashing green. Walk up to it and press the on-screen command, two weapons should appear, one of which should be the Ladyfinger. You don't have to use the weapon to kill Nine-Toes despite what T.K. said. Head up the little hill to the left of thee grave and then head right toward a mine entrance. A psycho should come out and charge at you, alongside some Skags. After killing everything, head into the mine. You should get a message from the Guardian Angel. After a little while you will see some more vendors. Stock up because this could potentially be a long fight. Follow the path to get deeper inside the mine. You should come against some Bandits. Kill them. Then carry on following the path through a little bunker, there should be a couple of enemies, a midget psycho and Bandit. As always, kill them. Then restock by opening the chest around the inside of the bunker. Then exit through the door and up a metal path. There should be a drop into an arena-like zone. A cutscene should play which introduces Nine-Toes. Then start attacking him with your most powerful weapon.

*WARNING* When you have taken out his shield and a little health, his two Skags, Pinky and Digit will appear. To avoid there attacks, stay on the bleachers on the edges of the arena.

From the safety of the bleachers, attack Nine-Toes. When he is finished, attack Pinky and Digit. Nine-Toes will have dropped his weapon, The Clipper. This is usually the first weapon with elemental abilities that you acquire. Make sure that you check in his little hut and on the bleachers, as there are Red Chests and other weapon chests around there. To leave, just stand in the little drop bit and a lift will rise allowing you to leave. Just follow the path back to exit Skag Gully. Once you have left Skag Gully, return to T.K.


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