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Borderlands Monster: Skags

Updated on January 7, 2010


Skags are kind of like dogs. Except they have a hard, tough outer layer of bone and mouths that open horizontally. So just like dogs. They walk on all fours. with the front two legs being more powerful than the hind two. The more powerful legs also have extremely powerful and extremely dangerous claws. Alongside the claws, most Skags will try to pounce at you and bite/scratch you (They should have a label reading 'Handle With Care'). Unless you have a death wish (or a high enough level to withstand about 5 at a time), then long range or explosive weaponry is advised. 

just because they have a couple of strong attacks, Skags do have quite a few weak points. The most obvious being their heads and mouths. Just unload a massive spray of shotgun bullets into their mouths to get a critical hit, and sometimes a shower of Skag guts as the beast is blown up by the sheer force of your weapon.

Just another day at the office!
Just another day at the office!


Skags are seen all over Pandora, however they are not exactly the same. Skags fall under different classifications based upon their type (badass, badmutha etc.) and elemental attributes (and possibly age). After the above points have been taken into account, Skags become classified and that's what you see as you are trying to blow their heads off. There are several different types of Skags, they are:

  • Pup (Colicy on Pt 2.5)
  • Whelp (Angry whelp in Playthrough 2, Querulouse whelp on Playthrough 2.5)
  • Adult (Feral on Pt 2, Bestial on Pt 2.5)
  • Spitter (Hawking on Pt 2, Sputum on Pt 2.5)
  • Elder (Hulking Elder on Pt 2, Stalwart Elder on Pt 2.5)
  • Alpha (Hardened Alpha on Pt 2, Armored Alpha on Pt 2.5)
  • Badass (Check Below, Badmutha on Pt2, Superbad on Pt 2.5)

Badass Skags

Badass Skags are stronger than a typical Alpha Skag. They have their own clasification system:

  • Fire - Large, flaming skags with a fire-based projectile attack.
  • Corrosive - Shoots globs of corrosive material.
  • Static - Attacks with a shocking ranged attack
  • Badass - Non-elemental skag. They have slightly higher health than elemental. They behave more like regular skags and just sprint after you with powerful melee attacks. Their shoulders are wider, and gives them a look of big armored ears.
  • Badass Alpha - Comes in the standard elemental varieties, but much rarer. They have all the advantages of being an alpha and are much harder to fight.
  • Badass Alpha (insert element) - Even rarer, and are extremely hard to kill. These have the alpha advantages combined with elemental traits.

Alpha Skag

Alpha Skags are easily taller than a human.
Alpha Skags are easily taller than a human.


There are a few differences between each Skag, the main ones are:

  • Size
  • Attack
  • Colour

Size is exactly what is says on the tin. The size of each type of Skag may vary, for example a Pup Skag is a lot smaller than an Alpha Skag, this may because (as I have already suggested above) of their age.

Attack is what attack the Skag will use. Spitter Skags and Elder Skags will spit green corrosive blobs to attack you from a distance. Also, some Skags may not charge you straight away but choose to stand its ground, sometimes roaring giving you an opportunity to blow it up!

The colour of a Skag may also be different from another, more powerful Skag. For example a Skag Whelp is a brown colour where as a Spitter is a green-ish, black colour.

Intro - Look for the Skag

Skagzilla Glitch

Other Info

Aside from the main Skag types, there is also another 7 Skags in the game, they are:

  • Pinky and Digit - They are the two Skags seen with Nine-Toes.
  • Moe and Marley - Two wild Skags that seem to be a variant of the Alpha breed.
  • Scar - A large Skag that steals TK Baha's false leg; possibly an Alpha Skag.
  • Wereskag - Special skags seen on Jakobs Cove. They were once human but became Skags after volunteering for a zombie virus vaccine.
  • Skagzilla - The biggest Skag you will find in the game. It requires another Skag is bait before it will appear.
Even though the first enemies you will fight are Bandits, the first enemy the player actually sees is the Skag that gets hit by the bus that you are travelling on, in the intro scene. 


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