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Boring to Interesting: Starter Hut

Updated on June 21, 2016

Let's Face It...

Everyone, at one point, has made a house like this in Minecraft. This is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when you don't have a bed and you need to survive the night. Of course, this is boring. If you showed this to one of your friends, they would look at you with an extremely odd look or ask "when are you going to finish it?" However, we're going to fix this house up and make it much more interesting!

The Hut

A simple little starter home
A simple little starter home

Give it a Roof!

You're bound to go mining and accumulate some cobblestone eventually, why not make use of it? By simply turning some of the cobble into stairs and slabs, you can add a rim of cobble around the roof to make it stick out and give it some block differentiation. Just remember to add an overhang, it will make the house look a little less boxy.

Cobblestone Rim

Change Up the Corners

You made this whole hut out of wood and didn't even think about using logs? What are you doing? Take out those corner planks and swap them out for logs! The different texture of the side of the logs will add a nice touch to the walls of your house. Not to mention the corners will now look a bit more like they are supporting the structure.

More Wood!

Add Some Windows!

Hey! You found some sand down by the river, let's get some glass! By taking out a couple of the blocks on some of the flat walls in your house and adding panes of glass, it will give a little more dimension to your build and you'll be able to see when it's day and night from the inside!

Check Out That View!

You're Standing on What?

You're telling me that you've been walking on grass in your own home this whole time? What is wrong with you? Change it with anything (planks, cobble, etc.) just get rid of that grass or dirt. You're not an animal, are you?


Just A Little Tip

Make some stairs out of those planks of yours, flip them upside down, and put them above your door and windows. This will, once again, add a little bit of dimension to your home without much effort at all. Look at that door frame, how fancy!

A Little Shape

Lawn and Garden

What a beautiful house you have, but now there's something missing... I got it! You took out all the grass and flowers around your house, so let's add some, but how? Oh look, you've killed a few skeletons and got some bones, perfect! Turn those bones into bone meal and throw some around your house, while taking out a little if there is just too much, but really it's your call how much looks good.

Grass Time!

Give Something Back

I bet you feel a little guilty taking out so many trees to make your new and beautiful home. Why not give back with the saplings you got from the old trees? Plant some of those saplings around your house and let them grow naturally or throw some bone meal on them to make them grow faster.

Pretty Trees!

How Are People Gonna Find Your House?

You made a shovel didn't you? Perfect! Let's make use of the path block and make a little path to your new, amazing house. It still not good enough? Well how about we slap some leaves next to the path, this way we can have some bushes! We're done right? Nope!

A Path Too?

Do You Like Ducks?

How about we make a pond for those little guys? Take that shovel that I know you have and dig out a little hole, making sure that it's not too uniform so it looks more naturally generated. Adding this little water feature to your build will give it another color that you were missing before... unless you count the sky... I don't.

I'm Blue

Da ba di Da ba dai
Da ba di Da ba dai

Too Dark?

We'll almost done! Grab some fences and put a couple around your path, then place some torches on top of them. This will look much better than just placing torches on the ground, you can even put some on the trees! No more mobs at your front door!

Brighten Up the Night

And Now You're All Done!

Now you have a beautiful house and some great scenery!... But what if you wanted to change that? What if you abandoned this house? What would the house look like then? To make it look a little more dilapidated, you can do a couple of things. Swap out some of the oak planks with jungle planks, add cobwebs, vines, and mossy cobblestone walls, make those bushes a bit bigger, and just take out some random chunks from your house. Bam! Now your house looks like no one lives in it! Congrats! Leave some comments below and vote in the poll to tell me your opinion!

All That Hard Work..

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