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Boring to Interesting: Villager House

Updated on June 28, 2016


Whenever I've found a village in Minecraft, I've always seen these little huts that have been far below par in terms of looks. Today we'll be fixing this little thing up to make it look way better! Let's hope this doesn't go too far!

This Boring Little Thing

From Rocks to Stone

The first thing I suggest doing is taking the cobblestone out of the build and replacing it with stone bricks. This will make the building look a little more structured by only changing a few blocks. Don't have any stone bricks? Smelt up the cobble from the house and makes some!

Cobble No More!

An Optional Change

The use of oak wood in villages is okay, there really is nothing wrong with it, but what if you wanted to change it anyway? Personally, I prefer the color of dark oak wood to most other wood colors in Minecraft. I have changed out all the planks and logs to my personal preference, but you can change it out to any wood color you'd like!

Dark Oak Delicious

Empty No More!

This small building has a hole in the roof with a ladder leading up, I don't like that one bit! Sure, you could add a trapdoor and keep the ladder, but it's much too off center and breaks the symmetry of the room. So, take out that ladder, plug up the hole in the roof, and... add a jukebox because why not?

Just A Little Something...

Who Built This Thing?

The original builder of this house must have had a death wish! No door on your home could equal death and destruction. What if a creeper wandered in? No more house, that's what. So, take the same type of wood you used for the walls and make a door. You're already a better architect than the original builder!

Oh Yeah... It Kinda Needs That

An Extra Line of Defense

Such a small and defenseless house needs some protection. Most people at this point would tell you to put up a fence or a wall around it, but those are overrated! Take out your shovel and dig a two deep trench that is, at least, two blocks wide. This trench is still boring though... how about we add a little water or, if you're crazy enough like me, we can add some lava! That'll show those hostile mobs!

A Moat!

In Some Cases...

Using this much lava, however, could infect the land around this little hut and give it a Nether virus. The first effect this will have on your land is netherrack spreading outward from the lava. Lucky for your home island, it has a nice little house on it to keep it safe from the infection. The same can't be said for the land around it though.

Oh No...

Virus Stage Two

After only a few moments of this infection taking hold, trees will begin to sprout from the ground. However, these are not normal trees, these trees are Nether Palms. These palms are made of mushroom blocks and nether wart blocks. If you would like to make these, just grow either a red or brown mushroom with some bone meal and cut away everything, except for the stalk. Now all you need to do is throw nether wart blocks randomly around the top.

Those Are Pretty... Trees?

The Final Stage

The last stage of the infection will bring some mobs from the Nether to the Overworld. I was lucky to only get a few pigman, but blazes, wither skeletons, and even ghasts could take over your little home. In creative, you can spawn any of these creatures, but in a survival situation, it may take a while to get any of these creatures here. A word of caution, this house is made of wood, so be cautious of blazes.

The New Locals


Well, your house was taken over by the Nether and its inhabitants, but at least this little hut is much more interesting to look at. Did you like this build? Did I go too far? I can answer that one.. most definitely. Vote in the poll and leave a comment below!

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