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Boss Fight: Dead Rising 2: Day 3 Psychopaths

Updated on October 5, 2011

Day 1 and Day 2 were certainly crazy, but the craziness has yet to stop in Fortune City. Day 3's Psychopaths start very early and spread themselves out over the day.

Seymour Redding
Reason: Because he's the Big Man now!
Time Start: Day 3, 4:00 AM
Message: "WWJWD?"
Survivors: Ray

To start this fight, enter the square with a large statue in the South Plaza just west of the Fortune City Hotel. Seymour is hanging survivors and has no qualms with dispensing his kind of justice. Time to force this would-be sheriff into early retirement.

When the fight begins, he will mostly shoot you with his Six-shooter, then run at you with his nightstick. You want to Defiler Jump Attack when he's running at you, then quickly Dodge Roll to avoid retaliation. If you get too far from him, he will try to lasso you, which brings you to him and you drop your current inventory item. Unlike other Psychopaths, however, Zombies distract him and he will fight them, which is a nice time to strike.

He is particularly one of my favorite Psychopath deaths. If you were a fan of Adam's death in Dead Rising One, then you'll like this one.

Redneck Snipers
Reason: To purify the country of those whiners who allowed this to happen.
Time Start: Day 3, 9:00 AM
Message: None
Survivors: None

Enter into the Platinum Strip, Fortune Park, or Silver Strip after this time to start the cutscene. They talk about why they're in Fortune City and what their goal is for this country. There are four of them and they will now reside on the Strip until they are killed. If you're travelling through, you could be hit by their bullets. However once one of them is dead, they stay as such.

Good news is they can be defeated by the same strategy. They have two weapons: 1 Sniper Rifle and a melee weapon like knife or machete.

Once you found one, he won't notice you until you get close. When you are in close range, he will take a moment to switch weapons, which is where you Defiler Jump Attack and Dodge Roll away. He will follow you to do his "winded up" attack to knock you down. When he does that attack, he will exchange for his sniper rifle and hope to get some distance on you. Chase after him and Defiler Jump Attack when close, he will switch weapons again. He will shoot the instant he faces you, so Dodge Roll in his direction. Repeat until dead.

They are and where they're located:
Johnny James. Roof of Royal Flush Plaza. Take the elevator just west of Slot Ranch Casino Entrance.
Derrick Duggan. Roof of Atlantica Casino. Take the alley across the street from the Slot Ranch Casino entrance, go in the alleyway, open the door on the right(be careful, zombies are here), go follow the hall to the end, open the door, and there's the ladder. Has a machete.
Deetz Hartman. Roof of "Platinum Strip Screens". In the Platinum Strip, there is an alleyway between "Juggz Bar & Grill" and "Cash Gordon's Casino", the ladder is there.
Earl Flaherty. The only one that doesn't require an added load screen. He is just north of the Fortune City Hotel, the southeastern most part of the Platinum Strip.

WARNING! For the first three, you must see their nameplate while on the Strip (will require moving the camera) before ascending the ladder or else, they will not spawn. The last two have a short jab move that intiates a sequenced stabbing animation that costs Chuck two life bars. Not sure if the other two have this move.

My usual travel order: I leave the Yucatan Casino to the Silver Strip. First, Johnny, then Derrick. Backtrack to the Shamrock Casino to get the SUV, drive up to under Earl's position, then Deetz to finish it off.

Bibi Love
Reason: Because a Star has to have an audience
Time Start: Day 3, 3:00 PM
Message: "One Hit Wonder"
Survivors: Allison, Cameron, Juan

Before the Fight. Go to the "Modern Businessman", just before the Slot Ranch Casino Entrance in the Royal Flush Plaza and put on a Tuxedo. Make sure you have a drink in your inventory.

To start this sequence, go to the stage in North Slot Ranch Casino. This diva is holding three people hostage and won't let them go until her list of wants is met. You cannot attack her if you want the survivors to live. You must talk to her each time you fulfill a condition to get to the next one.

Condition 1 - She wants an assistant in a Tuxedo, Check!
Condition 2 - She wants a drink to refresh herself. Give it to her and Check!
Condition 3 - She wants an "audience". Simply leave the stage area and run around for a bit to attract zombies toward you, jump back to stage and let them come to you. You need about 15-20 zombies to get this to work.
Condition 4 - SHOWTIME! The backstage panel by Allison will glow green and you need to do a Guitar Hero sequence (Very popular these days. God of War 3, hint, hint). It is the same button presses and you need to do this about 3-4 times before she's finished.

Bibi will jump into her "adoring fans". Once the cutscene ends, the three survivors are freed and join you instantly. You can kill the zombies around Bibi and talk to her for her to join you as well. Escort them to the Safe House and you're done.

TK's Helicopter
Reason: Because TK is trying to escape.
Time Start: Day 3, 7:00 PM
Message: "Case 5-2: The Getaway"
Survivors: None

Where this Psychopath is and the startegy I used to fight it was covered in Case 5.

Until next time, keep it reading here at HubPages!


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