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Boss Fight: Dead Rising 2: Day 4 Psychopaths

Updated on August 7, 2011

Welcome to Boss Fight and in this edition, we dive back into the world of Dead Rising 2 and the area bursting at the seams with zombies known as Fortune City. The Fourth Day of surviving the zombie apocalypse starts immediately with a Psychopath Fight.

Reed Wallbeck and Roger Withers
Reason: To perform the magic trick that will get them into the spotlight
Time Start: Day 4, 12:00 AM
Message: "World's Most Dangerous Trick"
Survivors: None

Arrive at the South Closed Stage in the Atlantica Casino at this time. The goofy pair are performing their act with a young woman tied to their table. Once the saw cuts through killing her, Chuck interrupts them and earns their scorn. Like Crystal and Amber, you have to fight two at once and this time, you must kill both of them to end the fight.

Reed's weapon of choice is a Rocket Launcher, but it shoots fireworks rather than real rockets. Roger uses two Magician Swords.

Despite being two of them, Reed is the dangerous one and will stick with you the rest of the fight. If you're far from him, he will shoot from his rocket launcher. It does minor damage and knocks you down, but this also affects nearby zombies and Roger as well. He has two melee attacks:

- If he winds himself back, he will charge with his weapon as a battering ram. This knocks you off your feet.
- If he pulls his weapon around, he will try to swat you. This is usually done after he's hit and can be easily Dodge Rolled.

The charge is harder to avoid as he will follow you as you run. If he hits you, he will do a bow, giving you time to get up and use your Knife Gloves on him twice before needing to Dodge Roll. Both his attacks do 1-2 Life Bars of damage, but leave himself open.

Once he's finished, it's time to deal with Roger. He's not as much of a threat as Reed because he will attack you and then run around the casino for 20-30 seconds before coming back to attack you again. He does a X-Slash attack with both swords and that's his main attack. Walk outside it and hit him with Knife Gloves. Get away to evade the retaliation. The hardest part of Roger is keeping up with his pace.

Sgt. Dwight Boykin
Reason: Lost his mind seeing his men butchered by Gas Zombies
Time Start: Day 4, 9:00 AM
Message: "Case 6-2: Last Stand"
Survivors: Rebecca Chang

He is held up in the parking garage of the East Underground Tunnels. Killing zombies with the help of his "soldiers" who are all dead, Dwight holds Rebecca hostage, making this the second time she's been captured in the game. When Chuck interrupts, Dwight sees him as a zombie and secures Rebecca inside his Humvee and fights you.

He uses an LMG as his main weapon and bursts a few rounds when at a distance. He throws grenades to your location and can rifle butt you, which does 2 Life bars of damage and has an annoyingly long animation. Now and again, he will return to his Humvee and do a strafe fire from one side of the room to the other.

The main strategy is to take cover, so he closes the gap with you. When he's in range, do a Defiler Jump Attack. When he is hit, he will Dodge Roll away. If you find cover again, he will most likely throw a grenade to where you are, just move away from the immediate area and repeat. If he tries to melee you, you can Dodge Roll, but be careful as you will be in firing range at that point.

When he does his strafe fire, you can either hide behind cover until it passes completely. Or if you have enough time, you can squeeze in and hit him with the Defiler, which will break the attack as he Dodge Rolls away.

After the fight, you need to get Rebecca back to the safe house, reference Case 6 for further details.

Mark Bradson and Pearce Stephens
Reason: Scientists harvesting Gas Zombies for Queens
Time Start: Day 4, After Case 6
Message: "Case 7-2: The Only Lead"
Survivors: None

Now I know these guys are defined as Psychopaths, but they're really easy. Before fighting them, you have to fight four mercs. Get two Merc Assault Rifles and proceed to the fight. Their only attack is shooting you with handguns. Aim your sight, go out of cover, fire a few rounds, go back into cover. A few bullets should be enough to kill one of them. That's it.

For more information about how to get to their location, please reference Case 7.

Raymound Sullivan
Reason: Caused the Fortune City Outbreak
Time Start: Day 4, After Case 7
Message: "The Facts"
Survivors: None

Tyrone King
Reason: To get revenge on Chuck for foiling his plans
Time Start: Day 5, Overtime
Message: "Return to the Arena"
Survivors: Stacey Forsythe and Katey Greene

These two bosses have both been covered in The Facts and Overtime. I would cover them here, but each fight requires an in-depth explanation and why reinvent the wheel?

Remember, in order to get Overtime, you must give TK a Zombrex in the Safe House Infirmary between Case 7 to the end of the game.


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