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Botany Job- Forsaken World Guide to Locations of Plants for Botanist

Updated on December 25, 2012

What do Botanists do?

Well, just like in real life Botanists know a ton about plants. Learning this skill (which requires a job point) magically allows you to know what each plant is and the spade the tutor gives you allows you to harvest them.

This skill is useful for the other two beginning jobs (cook and alchemist) as you can harvest the plants yourself instead of having someone else get them for you or buying them. You learn it from Daise in the same area as the other beginning tutors. She's almost right in front of Rachel the Pet Dealer (she gave you your first pet).

Botany Experience Level Guide

Botanists need to level up just like any other job, this one is as easy as collecting plants of your level or one below (you get two experience points for the same, one point for a plant of one level lower).

Level 1: Use a job point with Daise in Freedom harbor

Level 2: 20 experience points.

Level 3: 100 experience points.

Level 4: 300 experience points.

Level 5: 700 experience points.

Level 6: 1200 experience points.

Level 7: 2000 experience points.

Level 1 Botany Plants

The first level of Botany lets you collect the plants around the Kalaires Plain map (the area around Freedom Harbor). Here there are the plants used to make level one alchemy potions so harvest plenty, here's the list.

Wild Rose (WR)- This looks like a bright white rose in the ground.

Lavender (L)- This looks like a small blueish purple bush.

There is also a recipe called red rose that requires 50 roses, a short walk north of alchemy tutor that gives you the quest will bring you to an NPC that sells the recipe.

Level 1 Botany Map- Kalaires Plain

Plant Locations in Kalaires Plain
Plant Locations in Kalaires Plain | Source

Level 2 Botany Plants

Violet Kelp (VK on Map 1 also in map 2 group)- This plant is usually underwater and glows a bright red.

Date Palm- Looks like a giant thick palm tree, disappears when harvested, just a stump.

Parchment Grass- Looks a lot like the regular grass around the area, but sticks out a little.

Level 2 Botany Maps- Sea of Oblivion

Level 3 Botany Plants

Sleeping Lotus: Looks like a white flower with a lot of lily pads around it.

Hyacinth: A pink flower found on grassy spots near trees (usually).

Cactapus: Looks like a cactus, some aren't botany related so ignore any that you can't click.

Golden Vine: Hard to find but glows along the walls of buildings.

Flaming Lotus: Lost Lighthouse instance.

Level 3 Botany Maps- Sea of Oblivion

Level 4 Botany Plants

Desert Rose: Found mostly in North-west parts of Sea of Oblivion.

Agimony: Found all around in Lunagrant Woodland.

Violet Rose: Found all around in Lunagrant Woodland.

Rosemary: Found all around in Lunagrant Woodland.

Windsong Mum: Found at North part of Lunagrant Woodland.

Golden Lily: Found at East part of Lunagrant Woodland.

Alven'shar: Found in the Welkin Castle instance.

Level 4 Botany Maps- Sea of Oblivion & Lunagrant Woods

Level 5 Botany Plants

Nocturnal Jade: Found all around in Gloomy Forest.

Bloodvine: Found mostly in center of Gloomy Forest, near tree roots.

Violet Clover: Found all around in Gloomy Forest.

Silver Lotus: Found in few places at South-west of Gloomy Forest.

Specter Lotus: Found in center and North-west of Gloomy Forest.

Level 5 Botany Maps- Gloomy Forest


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