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Bonus Objectives or Questing In World of Warcraft (Wow)?

Updated on June 16, 2015

Bonus Objective

Bonus Objectives in WoW
Bonus Objectives in WoW | Source

What are Bonus Objectives?

Warlords of Draenor added many new features to the game but one that seems to need a little clarification is the Bonus Objective system. When you see those crossed swords on your map for the first time you can't help but be curious. Casually you waltz over to the area to see what that icon means and suddenly you are tasked with killing 20 of this, breaking 10 of that, and gathering a few items. Oh, its just another quest. Not only that, but it's a quest that makes me kill even more things than a regular quest! When I noticed that the first time I bailed on the challenge so that I could just go on with my original questing. I didn't understand that while it has a similar structure of a quest, it helps break up the monotony that questing can sometimes be.

Bonus Objectives have the unique felling of completion that quests don't seem to give. When I pick up a quest I have to do whatever is required then return to the quest giver and collect my reward and possibly be sent back out for a follow-up quest. Bonus Objectives are nice because once you enter the area it shows you what needs to be done and grants you the experience and gold as soon as you've finished. There is never follow-up so you don't have to worry that you've started another chain.

Bonus Objectives also award more XP than quests however they do not award items. The average quest in Talador gives roughly 20,000xp while a challenge in Talador can give 60,000-70,000. Why then would anyone pick questing over challenges? We will address that shortly.

Am I a Quest Person or a Bonus Objective Person?

Some people grab every challenge they can while others tend to avoid it. Why the difference in game play? There are a few factors that might have someone leaning more towards one or the other.

You might be a Quest person if you...

  • Enjoy the lore of the game.
  • Like to finish zones before moving onto the next.
  • Care more about the journey of leveling rather than the destination of max level.
  • Want your efforts to be rewarded with equipment.
  • Don't like staying in the same small area for a while.
  • Simply enjoy questing more than other forms of XP gain.
  • Like to be directed to objectives.

You might be a Bonus Objective person if you.....

  • Don't care much about the lore of the game
  • Want to move on the the next zone ASAP
  • Care more about getting to level cap than anything else
  • Care more about the large XP reward rather than the lack of gear
  • Don't mind the slightly grindy feel that come with challenges.
  • Want to maximize your XP/hour
  • Like feeling like you are in more control.
  • Enjoy the feeling of finding something without directions.

Pros and Cons of Bonus Objectives


  • Better XP/hour
  • No crumb trails to other areas
  • Very clear
  • Most likely there will be more people doing them so you can group up and finish them faster.
  • Higher gold reward.


  • Limited amount of Bonus Objectives
  • Can be spread far away from each other
  • They are longer and tend to have more of a grind feel to them
  • You level out of zones before you can complete the quest lines.
  • No gear rewards

Is One Way Better than the Other?

Absolutely not! Some people play the game to experience its deep and rich lore, they love to navigate the world and meet new NPCs and learn their back stories while others play the game to blast though leveling and make it to the end game content! Neither of these players is better than the other because in the end, you are playing a video game and the only one doing it wrong is the person who isn't having any fun.

Are you a Quest person or a Challenge person?

What style do you prefer?

See results

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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I don't believe so, because the bunker only increases the chance of an upgrade and gold never gets a random upgrade. Good question though :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      If I have a bunker do I get any benefit from the bonus objectives? I know it adds a better chance to get upgraded gear... can it give like upgraded gold or something?

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you! I hope you found the information useful :)

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      Siny J 

      4 years ago from Delhi, India

      Very interesting article. Keep up the good work.


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