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Boyds Bears

Updated on September 12, 2012

Boyds bears have been around for years. They are some of the cutest and best made teddy bears around. When you think about a gift to commemorate any life event,you think about Boyds Bears. Not only do they come in plush as teddy bears, they are also made from resin as fine collectibles. They are very cute, and they pretty much sell themselves

Boyds Bears was founded in Boyd, Maryland in 1987. The first Boyd's bear ever made was actually a gift to the first child of the founders Gary M Lowenthal and his wife. Despite this fact the Boyds Bear website specifically states these bears are collectors items and not intended for young children.

 How adorable is this cute Boyds Bear? The Time to Pray Boyds Bear is eight inches tall plush figure.  Internal wires keep this cream colored bear in his prayer pose.  It comes in an open faced box.  What a great gift this would make for a young one!

Boyds Bestest & Buddy Truefriends Plush Bears #903005 Retired

 The Bestest Buddy and True Friends bears are quite a pair.   One white and one brown, both bears have matching bows in their hair. Both sit side by side in an almost embrace.  The bears are wearing the label best on one bear and friends on ther  other.  At this time there is only one in stock so order soon!

Boyds Jackson Plush Bear Cuddlee-Wubblee Collection #580004 Retired

 Take a look at his guy!  Nothing says Hug Me like this bear.  He is soft ot the touch and fully pose-able.  This bear stands 14 inches tall and was introduced in Spring of 2007.  This fella is in retirement and there is one in stock.  Order soon!

Boyds Bears New for 2010 Shelly Snowbert #4019129

 This little lady is sure to be a popular pick for the Christmas Season!  The 2010 Shelley Snowbert Boyds Bear is decked out in a light blue sweater with an embroidered snowman and snowflakes.  Also on her ear is a cute little snowflake bow. This bear is 12 inches tall and gold in color.  This would make a great gift for the Boyds Bear Collector in your life!

Boyds Bears: Crayola Magenta Plush Gift Set

 The Boyd Bears Magenta Bear is also available in Blue! Along with this Boyds Bear you get a set of 12 crayola Crayons and a My friends coloring book.  This set comes in an attractive gift box so it is ready to give! This bear measures six inches tall.  What a wonder graduation gift for a preschooler or a kindergartener it would make.

Boyd's Bears Plush "Cole" Black Bear

 The Boyds Bears Plush cole Black Bear  sits 12 inches tall.  It has black faux suede paws and black faux fur.  He is wearing a Green ribbon around his neck.  I love how this bear looks like he is tilting his head slightly to the side as if to question you!   This bear is retired, but there are plenty available.

Boyds Russel Bear & Scarecrow #919850

 Boyds Russell Bear and Scarecrow is a part of the Heirloom Collection.  It made a brief appearance as the Bear of the Month in Fall 2005 and retired in 2005.  This Poseable bear stands 16 inches tall and has a bow wrapped around his neck.  He has a scarecrow friend sitting on his lap.

 Boyds Bears is famous for their Angel Bear collection and their Heirloom Series Angels of hope is no exception.  The Plush Bear is 12 inches tall and has Angels on Hope embroidered on his right foot.  He is a tall thin bear ha has angels wings on his back.  If you need to give a gift of Hope, then why not let Boyds Bears help you out?

Boyds Valerie Bloominlove Feb. Bear of the Month 2010

 And let's not forget Valentines Day!  Valarie Blooinlove was the Boydsbear of the month for February 2010.  She Would make an excellent Valentines gift!  She is so cute decked out in her dress of hearts and little heart bow.  She is holding a flower pot with a heart and flowers.  She stands 12 inches tall.  She is a limited edition.  Only 2200 made.

Boyds Bears Resin Figurine A Mother's Love #370523

 As stated before Boyds Bears are more than just plush figures they are also resin collectible figures that make great gifts.  This resin figure is called A Mother's Love.  This six inch figure depicts a mother bear hold her little one. This makes a very nice gift for mother's day or any mom in your life.  One custeom,er stated she got this as a present for her daughter in law.  She was very satisfied with her gift.

Boyds Bears and Friends Lil' Wings Merrie (3.5x2.5x1.5 inches)

 The Boyds Bears and friends Lil wing Merrie is a resin figure that stands three inches high.  He is standing on a white cloud and holding a wreath.  and of course he has some wings!  A very cute gift of giving for any occasion.

Boyd's Bears Teabearies "Honey" True Love Never Grows Old

 This Boyds Bear figurine is very cute and very popular. In fact there are only a few lweft in stock.  the figure measure 2.5 inches high and has a white bear atop a teapot. The teapot reads " true love never grows old"   What a great Anniversary gift this would make!  Order one before they are sold out!

 Now that you have seen some of Boyds Bears Plush and resin figures let me introduce you to some other  resin figure collections.  Take for example the resin figure Angel Arabella, the Guardian of Change.  This beautiful angel stands seven and a half inches tall.  She was introduced in the Spring of 2008.  She is adorned by the colors of the sunset. She also loves change in nature.  This is evidenced by the butterflies that seem to almost spring from her hands. She comes with her own 24 carat butterfly charm.  Only one left in stock!

Boyds The Charming Angels Collection ~ Liberty....Guardian of Freedom

Another Boyds bear resin collection is the Charming Angels Collection. Liberty the Guardian of Freedom is one of the pieces from the collection. This resin figure has a lot of movement in it. I love the intricate-cities of the flow of the fabric in the Angels dress.  She has a sash draped around her and a flaming torch. 

Do you collect Boyds Bears?

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