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Boyds Bears for Christmas

Updated on November 24, 2011

 Boyds Bears makes a great gift for the holidays.  There are many plush teddy bears to choose from as well as resin sculptures. A lot of the 2010 releases are almost sold out. Take a look here to see if you can find a gift for your loved one.

Boyds Bears New for 2010 Shelly Snowbert #4019129

New for 2010 is the Shelley Snowbert Boyds Bear. This cutie is 12 inches tall and is ready for winter. She is wearing a light blue sweater with a snowman and snowflakes. Her Ear has a bow that has a snowflake on it. It is very cute! She will no doubt be a popular item for the Christmas season. Get one for the Boyds Bear collector in your life!

Boyds Windy N. Flurries Plush Bear Retired

The Boyds Bear Windy N Flurries was first introduced in 2007. This gal is retired but still fashionable in her red cape and hood lined with fur. On her cape are embroidered snow flakes and snowman. It looks like she is ready for a sleigh ride! She is 16 inches tall!

Boyd's Bears - Santa Bubba's - Lil' Sumptin Holiday Gift Box Set - With Ornament - Retired

Santa's Bubba Little Sumptin Holiday Gift Box has a bear and a candy cane Christmas tree ornament. This little bear is wearing a Santa hat and adorning a green ribbon around his neck. He id packed in a see through package and almost seems to say Please Buy me! This would make a great Christmas Gift or housewarming present. This is also a pretty cute gift for the Inlaws!

Boyd Plush Orn Serena Goodnight #53232-08

Imagine this little gal peekin from inside your Christmas tree. The Plush Ornament Serena Goodnight is a plush bear with plush wings. On the top of her head is a halo with a flower. She also has gold buttons down her front. What a cute keepsake to put up year after year!

Boyds Bears Jim Shore Collection - Peace on Earth 12" Angel Bear

This is a really beautiful Boyd's bear. The Boyds Bear Jim Shore Collection Peace on Earth bear Stands 12 inches tall. This bear stands steady on a platform. She is adorned in a red dress with Candy cane piping. Her head is adorned with holiday cheer and her dress has embroidered Christmas designs. She has plush angles wings upon her back. What makes this figure striking is that she is holding a pure white still dove on an olive branch. Lots of detail in this Boyds Bear!

Boyds Bears also makes a lot of great Resin figures too. Keeping in the spirit of Christmas is the Boyds Resin Pounder bear with hammer Christmas Ornament. This resin Christmas Ornament stands 3.5 inches tall. This Bear is decked out in a green and white striped shirt and elven shoes. He hangs form a green satin string. What a great Holiday tradition you could start in your family by giving a Boyds Bean Holiday Ornament.

The Boyds bear Nanuck Winter Wonderlandglass and resin is a very detailed and colorful resin snowman ornament. Once again a great family tradition for the Holidays.

Boyds Resin Bearstone Cutter Bear Ornament (bear holds a saw)

The Boyds Bear Bearstone Cutter ornament stands four inches high.  He is a busy  bear as he stands on top of his saw cutting away. He is adorned in a pair of blue jeans, elf shoes and a red sweater.  He would look great on any Christmas tree.

Boyds Bears Frasier Christmas Figurine

The Boyds Bear Frasier Christmas Tree Figurine was introduced in 2000 and retired in 2003.  He is 3  and 1/4 inches high.  This little bear looks at you as if to say help!  He is obviously stuck in the Christmas tree after some sort of mishap.  This bear comes in it's own little pouch.


 The Boyds Nicholas Kringlebright Santa Bear was introduced in Christmas of 2009.  He is 19 inches tall and Oh so Cute!  He is dressed as an Old World Santa in a dark red Santa Outfit with designs on it. He has on a red fur hat with white fur.  A bell adorns the tip of his hat. This Boyds Bear Santa Does not come empty handed.  In his sack he has a sled and other gifts.  in his other hand is a lantern.  If you look really close you can see a mouse stowed away in his pocket!  There are only two in stock so get it while you can!

 The Boyds Bear Christmas Tree Sculpture is a 12 1/2 inch tall figure.  This Christmas tree is adorned with 15 Boyds bears hard at work decorating the tree. This tree comes complete with working lights. Each Boysd Bear has a specific duty to do.  And of course this resin tree is complete with an Angel Bear tree topper!

 The Boyds Bear Christmas Sleigh Lighted Sculpture. It is 12 inches high and is lighted.  This sculpture features Santa Bear getting ready for the big night with the help of a dozen other Boyds Bears.  Each one has a specific task to do.  You could get lost looking at this sculpture.  It would be a great way to dress up any home for the Holiday. 

Boyds Bears Victoria Anne with Stuart & Abigail Sounds of the Season #228412

 The Boyds Bears Victoria Anne Stuart and Abagail Sounds of the season.  These bears are dressed in Victorian Style and singing carols for all to hear.  They are standing atop cobblestone road and next to a street light.  The Street light actually lights up.  The base is covered with sparkly snow. This is a very festive piece and would put anyone in the Holiday Spirit.

Boyds Bear NOEL , Nicholas, Owen, Elgin & Lou Figurine Set

The Boyds Bear NOEL  (standing for Nicholas Owen Elgin and Lou).  Each Bear hangs out by the initial of their first name.  NOEL is made in a Candy Cane style.  Each bear is dressed for winter in their sweaters and hats.Mistletoe also adorns the resin figure.

Kringle's Great Adventure North

This piece is absolutely beautiful. Kringle and his friends are riding on a Polar bear on their Journey North. The Kringle's Great Adventure North stands just over en inches tall. It has three bears and a tree as well as other goodies riding on the back of a Polar Bear. This is a very detailed resin sculpture form Boyds Bears. If you want one hurry soon. There is only three in stock.

Ol' Saint Nick.... Merry Christmas to All

 The Boyds Bear Figure Ol St Nick, Merry Christmas to All stands over ten inches tall.  This 2010 Resin figure is dressed in traditional Santa garb and he is holding a fresh cut tree, perhaps to decorate?  This bear is even wearing a Santa beard!


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    • Amez profile image

      Amez 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Grea Hub, I will save for sure, so when I need a gift to send on special occasion, You will save mwe allot of time and feel good about what I'm sending