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Boys Dolls Similar to My Buddy Doll

Updated on October 19, 2010
My Buddy Doll
My Buddy Doll

My Buddy Doll

 The My Buddy Doll was a very popular boys doll released in the 1980s by Hasbro. The My Buddy television commercial became a catchy, well-known tune for many and advertised the doll as a friend for little boys. Hasbro sold the My Buddy to Playskool in the early 1990s, and Playskool made a few small changes, which included clothing and appearance. Only a few dolls have since been released for boys, and although they may not be exactly the same as a My Buddy doll, there are similarities.

MBF, Ink Doll 18 inch
MBF, Ink Doll 18 inch

Best Friends Club, Ink. Boy's Dolls

 The Best Friends Club, Ink. Dolls were launched in 2009 by MGA Entertainment and just like the "My Buddy" doll, the Best Friends dolls focus on friendship building. The BFC, Ink dolls won "Top Ten Toy of the Year in 2009" from "Family Fun" magazine. These dolls are 18 inches in height, slightly shorter than the 22-inch My Buddy dolls.

The Best Friends boys dolls come with changeable fashionable clothes for all different kinds of occasions. Little boys can choose to dress the BFC doll up as a cowboy or as a golfer and can easily dress their dolls to match how they dress. Prices for the Best Friends dolls average over $30, as of 2010, and individual outfits average just over $20 for a full outfit.

This boys doll is made from plastic and is recommended for children aged 6 years and up. The BFC, Ink. doll comes with one fashionable outfit, a boys doll purse, a hairbrush and a Best Friends Club Membership Card as well as an exclusive Best Friends Club Journal Book. Just as My Buddy created Kid Sister, MGA has created BFC, Ink. dolls for girls too.

Big Boy Dolls
Big Boy Dolls

Big Boy Doll

 Larger than the My Buddy dolls at 30 inches in height, the Big Boy Doll is similar to the My Buddy doll that was re-released by Playskool in the early 1990s, as this doll is made mostly from a soft material. A child can change the clothes on the Big Boy doll, but because the face of this doll is also fabric material, it is not as lifelike as the My Buddy doll. The handmade Big Boy Doll can be purchased online for $50 in the United States, as of 2010, and weighs only 3 lbs.

Bratz Boyz Doll--Prince Iden
Bratz Boyz Doll--Prince Iden

Bratz Boyz Doll--Prince Iden

 The Bratz brand name has become a top doll selling item for more than 10 years, and MGA Entertainment has produced a doll for the boys. Prince Iden is a Bratz boys doll that is available for boys over the age of 4 years. Standing at just over 10 inches tall, this doll is shorter than the My Buddy doll, but little boys are still able to change his clothes with up-to-date boy doll fashions, but this doll is available for a considerably higher price. The Bratz Boyz Doll starts at $135.99 brand new, as of 2010, and it comes with one full outfit and a boy's wallet and comb.


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      Loretta Boronat 

      7 years ago

      My Sibling and My Pal 18" BOY and girl dolls are high quality, reasonably priced dolls that come with booklets about important topics for children. We have My Pal for Going Green, My Pal for Peace, My Pal the Patriot, My Pal for Christmas, My Pal for Hanukkah, and many more. Doll clothing and accessories are Made in the USA. Our program benefits teens and adults with developmental disabilities.


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