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Brass Blazer Buttons

Updated on January 16, 2015

It is surprising at the number of brass blazer buttons dislikes when these are often seen as the most classic and vintage buttons for blazers.

The alteration of the perception of the most stylish blazer buttons are most easily attributed to mainstream movies and entertainers who are commonly seen wearing shiny items such as necklaces, rings, belts and of course shiny buttons. Therefore it is not uncommon for most to follow suit and choose other metals such as gold or silver for blazer buttons.

By adding brass blazer buttons to an otherwise plain and boring blazer easily revives its life to bring it up to the current era. For both summer blazers and winter blazers, the color of the blazer buttons speak volumes to your personality and your attention to detail.

It is common for men to change blazer buttons to their liking in accordance to the weather and season. However, brass blazer buttons are one of the most versatile metals to match with and are a must all season round. 


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