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Bravely Default Jobs List and Guide

Updated on February 2, 2014

The Job System

Developed by Square Enix exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Bravely Default (also known as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in Japan) is a traditional JRPG in every sense. It is highly anticipated for the job system, which is very similar to the ones found in the Final Fantasy games and Final Fantasy Tactics. There are a total of 26 jobs in Bravely Default and the article will provide a quick overview and summary of them.

Each character can choose their own jobs with their own set of unique stat growth, skills, active and passive abilities. Each character can also learn from hundreds of new abilities that can even be used when switching to another job as they level up, similar to multi/dual-classing in Dungeons and Dragons. This allows for extensive customization, strategy and replayability in gameplay.


The Freelancer is the default job unlocked at the start of the game. Deemed the jack-of-all-trades, the Freelancer only has a B grade in all weapon types. Even with all jobs maxed out, stats are only average as they increase 1% for each of the 21 jobs. The only noteworthy abilities are the Dungeon Master and Mimic abilities, which are also pale in comparison to abilities available in other Jobs. Switch to another Job as soon as you can!


The Knight is arguably the best tank in game with its excellent physical defense and Protect Ally ability that defends an attack for a party member with less than 20% health. It gets the Two-Handed ability at level 2 which is definitely necessary until you obtain the Ninja class or have a Fist Monk. They become even more badass at tanking when they gain the Dual Shields ability at level 11. Despite wielding two shields, Knights can still attack using Shield Strike which is obtained at level 6.


The Monk is a very capable damage dealing job that is available early game. It is advised not to use the Invigorate ability (increases attack power by 2 moves) unless you're about to use a damaging ability. While they can use Fist and Staff weapons, the defining moment for the Job is at level 14 when they get the Natural Talent ability. With the ability, their physical attack doubles when completely naked without any weapons, accessories or armor equipped! However, if you inclined to using weapons, Fist types will always be the best on a Monk.

White Mage

In my opinion, every party needs a White Mage for the healing the job provides. Their damage spells such as Aeroga pale in comparison to other jobs and its best to only focus at what they do best: healing. They get the really awesome Epic Group-Cast ability at level 12, allowing them to cast cures on multiple members in the group with the same strength as single target. It also synergizes extremely well with the Black Mage plethora of spells.

Black Mage

Magic damage in Bravely Default is seemingly lagging behind physical damage due to how fast you can expend your MP. Thus, using the Black Mage requires knowledge of enemies' elemental weaknesses to push its effectiveness. Dual wielding rods allow the Black Mage to stack its Magic stat. With the Black Resonance ability, using more than a Black Mage allows for stronger damage boosts. Black Mages also get the Group-Cast All ability at level 14, which upgrades all single-target spells to target the entire enemy group!


The Thief is a must have job if you want to steal tons of equipment. You get the Steal ability immediately and it only gets better as you progress. However, unlike most games, the best weapons for the Thief are not daggers, but Bows instead (at least for early game). Bows are undisputedly the better weapon type until you get Godspeed Strike at job level 9. This attack is based entirely on the Speed stat and ignores target's physical defense. Having fast weapons will make daggers a more desirable choice. At level 11, Thieves get the Rob Blind ability, which steals two items instead. At level 12, stealing becomes even better as your thief will now steal from all targets with the Shake Down ability. Guess what? Shake Down works in conjunction with the Rob Blind ability, meaning you can steal up to 8 items at once!


The Merchant is a rather special job that is not recommended for early game. Merchants have abilities such as Full Leverage and Low Leverage that can make end game much easier for some players. They also have the wonderful Obtained Money Up ability, which grants 1.5 times to all money earned, fantastic for any would-be farmer.

Spell Fencer

The Spell Fencer is a semi decent damage dealer early game, particularly with the use of its Sword Magic (total 6 levels) ability. Combined with a good knowledge of elemental weakness, the Job can be a force to be reckoned with. At level 5, the Spell Fencer gains the Auto-Aspir Blade ability that drains MP instead of dealing damage. Be forewarned not to use this ability against the Undead as it will cause your own mana to be drained instead.

Time Mage

The Time Mage is a rather lackluster job in Bravely Default. Hasten World is arguably their best ability and it's only obtained at level 14. As the abilities of the Time Mage resolves around Haste and Slow/Stop, it gives a disadvantage as both Slow and Stop status effects do not work on bosses. To rub salt to wounds, their best ability, Hasten World, is only obtained at level 14, and Meteor, a rather decent damage spell, is also obtained late game.

Traversing the world of Luxendarc.
Traversing the world of Luxendarc. | Source


The Ranger is a popular job/class in many games and will undoubtedly remain so in Bravely Default. They have superb accuracy and excel at exploiting the weaknesses of foes with their Slayer abilities. Bows make the best weapons (S-ranked) for the Ranger and very strong in early game. The Precision and Multiburst abilities are obtained middle to late-game and buffs the damage of the Ranger even more.


The Valkyrie can be considered the Dragoon of the Final Fantasy series. Like Dragoons, Valkyries excel at the Spear weapon type, have decent defenses and great mobility. If you are fond of spell casting, avoid the Valkyrie as they have little to no magic.


The Summoner has a large MP pool with good damage. As the name of the Job implies, the Summoner gets tons of summoning abilities. It is also recommended to level this Job on a White Mage or Black Mage for greater versatility.

Red Mage

Red Mages fall somewhere in between the Black and White Mages, making them rather great casters with a slight edge towards offence. Red Mages have a plethora of ways to gain BP such as when taking damage with their Revenge ability. In addition, they can gain BP when evading enemy attacks and when debuffed with status ailments. They also get the Adrenaline ability at level 7, which adds BP when an enemy is defeated.


The Salve-Maker is an optional job and was a really good job in Final Fantasy. Abilities require the use of items and can be a waste. The only decent abilities worth mentioning are First Aid, which triggers rather often and Resurrect which is obtained late in the game at level 13.


The Performer is an excellent support Job and can be considered to be the Bard class of Bravely default. They provide many different kinds of useful buffs and can even increase the BP of all party members with the My Hero ability obtained at level 14.


The Pirate has rather remarkable damage but poor accuracy to balance it out. To offset this disadvantage, try obtaining the Hawkeye ability from Ranger job for a 200% accuracy boost. Pirates make decent tanks and are best equipped with Axes.


The Ninja is one of the strongest offensive job in Bravely Default with excellent stats and abilities. Revolving around their core Dual Wield ability, Ninjas can become the best damage dealers with Katanas or Swords equipped. They can drastically increase the number of attacks per turn even more obscene damage, up to 32 attacks per turn with the Frenetic Fighting ability! At level 7, they get the Cleave ability, which grants them a chance of a free attack upon killing an enemy.


The Swordmaster is a rather gimmicky job that relies on countering physical attacks with its Counter ability. Like a Samurai, it excels at the Katana weapon type. The Swordmaster makes a semi-decent tank, especially with levels into the Pirate job for the Provoke ability. At level 14, Pirates obtain the Free Lunch ability, which makes their high MP cost skills more manageable.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight makes an excellent boss killer with its Adversity ability that raises both attack and defense upon taking damage. It is best to equip a Katana on the Dark Knight for the best damage. As opposed to the tanky Knight, they become the best damage dealers upon getting the Rage ability at level 14, which allows them to churn out Dark attacks till 1 HP. Do note that their Area-of-Effect attacks hit your party members but can actually heal them instead if you have a Spiritmaster.


The Vampire is a great mid to end game job that is defined by the Genome abilities. As long as one of your party members learn a Genome ability, it will be available for all to use. The abilities Blood Thirst, Magic Thirst and Battle Thirst drains HP, MP and BP respectively. The Vampire has a nice mixture of physical and magical abilities, both offensive and defensive. For example, the Blue Magic spell, White Wind, heals HP based on the amount the Vampire has.


The Templar is a semi-decent tank with some damaging abilities. They obtain the Rampart ability that casts a shield on the entire group, preventing a single physical attack. It has a mixture of abilities such as Heart Strike that allows it to crit more often than the other tanks.


The Arcanist is a decent job and complements extremely well with the Black Mage. With the level 13 Max Black Magic ability, it buffs all Black Magic spells, boosting this job combination even further. A string of Black Magic spells can destroy groups effectively. For example, an Arcanist/Black Mage can cast Poison or Sleep and then Twilight (inflicts death on sleeping enemies) on entire enemy groups, slaughtering them quickly.


If there was an underpowered job, it will be the Conjurer. The Conjurer is intended to be a support/buff class but the Performer literally outperforms it. Their MP regeneration abilities such as Steady MP Recover and Post-Battle MP are seemingly useful but easily displaced by the use of Elixirs and Ethers which are readily available. The only decent ability is Obliterate which instantly destroys groups of enemies with levels 20 lower than the caster.


The Spiritmaster is a rather overpowered job due to the buffs they can cast. For example, at level 4, they obtain the Fairy's Aid ability, which buffs elemental damage dealt by an ally for 150%. At level 11, they get Fairy Ward, which grants immunity to all status effects for five turns. These buffs make many bosses a walk in the park and crowns them as one of the best support/buffing Jobs in the game.

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Bravely Default Collector's Edition
Bravely Default Collector's Edition | Source


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