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BroPaint Hi Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

Updated on April 17, 2011

BroPaint is a super high definition texture pack entirely painted by hand. A very original approach to the HD texture pack genre, which typically involves ripping off photo textures and crying until they tile properly. If Van Gough had made Minecraft texture packs, this is probably close to what he would have designed. Sort of.

The first thing I noticed about this texture pack is the incredible smoothness of everything. It's almost as if someone wet their finger and smudged it all over the default textures. The smudge / paint effect imparts a rather dream like vibe to the terrain. This is not a pack you'll want to use if you enjoy hard edges and high drama in your Minecraft experience. If you want to craft on a friendly cloud, it might just work though.

The first thing I came to love about this texture pack was the breaking animation. It's very, animation-y, in a way that the usual breaking animation isn't. It's almost like watching a block be destroyed on one of those 'scribbled in the corner of a notepad and then flicked really fast' animations.

The cobblestone is done very well, it's darker than most cobblestone renderings, which works well against the light, smooth backgrounds of the other textures. Sand hardly looks sandy, but it does look smooth and yellow, which I guess is good enough. Sandstone is quite wonderful and I enjoy it immensely. All in all, this is a very artistic pack that makes Minecraft look, dare I say it, pretty. There are some very nice subtle touches, like the way the sides of furnaces are boarded up with wood. Ores are very clearly illustrated, which can be an issue with many texture packs, so that's another point in its favor.

It should be noted that this pack is only compatible up to version 1.3 (but it doesn't really make much difference playing it in 1.4) the real issue, if there is one, is the fact that all the animals have yet to be reskinned. Why people release incomplete texture packs is beyond me. But there you have it. Due to this fact, there's a pretty cute smooth looking pig and a blocky as all heck cow. Sheep haven't been touched either. I suppose this could be a reason to donate to the creator's cause, but given that a donation isn't in any way an official purchase of services, I suppose its possible that the money will be taken and nothing more will be done. Who knows. It's all part of the rich tapestry of Minecraft.

Download Bro Paint Hi Res HD Texture Pack


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