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Bros and Dragons Podcast

Updated on July 15, 2016

What is Bros and Dragons Podcast?

Bros and Dragons Podcast: A few friends have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a few years and we decided to make a podcast of it. Why keep all our nerdiness to ourselves? We decided to share with you all, just how nerdy we can be and let you enjoy the fun times with us.

Do to some real life happenings the group has changed a little recently, here is the new line up.

  • Daniel "Doc" Gentry - The host and DM of the group - @IamDMDoc
  • Mike Scimeca - Plays Steve the bard - @MasonicMike1027
  • Keith Ross - Plays Morthos "The Faithful" - @DanielBarras
  • Tom Bensen - Plays Martin Firewell - @brosoldguy
  • Jon Cejka - Plays Alissha Fargum - @choowoo13
  • Guest Player - Plays Thomas "Fidget" Moran
  • Kylie Fauquher - Plays Daphina Nailo - @critikylie

We play D&D 5e rules with a few home brewed rules thrown in there. We play table top style and use our imagination as much as possible. We hope to inspire others to use their imaginations and enjoy life.

Below, Doc, made a short video to help explain what it is we are trying to do here.

Design by Anthony Dantzer for use with podcast.
Design by Anthony Dantzer for use with podcast.

Bros and Dragons Podcast Explained

Bros and Dragons Episode 1 - Amnesia?!?

Our adventurers awake to nasty Kobolds and Goblins, with no memory of where they are or even who they are, they must choose to live or die. Will they come together as a group? Will they all die and we will have a new storyline next time? Will they remember who they are? Find out!

Episode 1 - Amnesia?!?

Bros and Dragons Episode 2 - Holy Ship, we're on a ship!

With two of the characters having returned memories, will the others soon gain theirs or will the curse of the terrible rolls continue on? Where are they, what is happening, why is DM Doc not a raging alcoholic yet?

How to keep informed about Bros and Dragons

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, join our Fan Page and Group Page on Facebook, Subscribe to the Bros and Dragons Podcast YouTube channel, and subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes to not miss out on any upcoming Live Events, Contests, or Content.

We will be adding to more social media sites soon so keep an eye out for us.

Episode 2 - Holy Ship, We're on a ship!

Episode 3 - Sailing away into...???

The crew is under attack from a Giant Octopus, and maybe some of the crew are turned on. Will the seas of Odura claim our brave(ish) adventurers, or will they valiantly defeat the monsters that the oceans dwell within them? Will Mike's character ever remember her name, will the characters ever get their own voices? Join us, as DM Doc tries to kill the characters. Characters 2 - Doc 0!

Episode 3 - Sailing away into...???

Episode 4: Island of Death...I mean adventure

Episode 5: Daphina the Cam Girl

Episode 6: Cursed Property Rehab

Episode 7 - I'm on a Boat and...

Episode 8: I am on a boat...again

Episode 9: Is this the real life?

Episode 10: Daphina's Got Her Groove Back

You can get involved too

As we say, we are trying to have fun, inspire others to be creative and chase their dreams. We love to teach others how to play the game.

If you want to get involved, we welcome that.

To become a "Guest Player" on the show send us an e-mail at with your experience (though none is needed) and the reason you would like to make a guest appearance. If you have created any D&D 5e Homebrew such as background, equipment, weapons, armor, race, or even class, and would like us to use your items, send your descriptions to the e-mail above.

Dice Bags

Get your own Bros and Dragons dice bag at Just search Bros and Dragons
Get your own Bros and Dragons dice bag at Just search Bros and Dragons

When do new episodes release?

New episodes are scheduled to release on the 1st and 15th of each month. I guess some of us being former military we liked the idea of payday being a good release date.

We expect to stay with the twice monthly release at least for a while, we'll update you if this changes.

Background by Anthony Dantzer, Names and Characters by Thomas Bensen
Background by Anthony Dantzer, Names and Characters by Thomas Bensen

Players Interviewed

So Doc interviewed each of the players and here are the videos.

He asked things like how they got started in Dungeons and Dragons, what they enjoy about it and what they expect from the game.

Mike - Does Mike have experience with D&D and if so what is it? Is Fireball the only spell his characters ever cast? Lets find out from the Fireball expert himself.

Daniel - Daniel tells us what experience he has coming into this and what he is hoping to do with it. Listen and he turns the tables on Doc and gets a little more information about what it's all about.

Tom - Watch Tom give his talk about possibly playing with Dave and Gary, the original creators of D&D, or possibly that he did not know them at all. The original designer behind the world of Odura, a home-brew world. We will talk about his experience in D&D and his looking forward to the game!

Jon - We find out how the youngest of the group cannot use Twitter, his experience playing D&D, and his expectations.

Interview with Mike Scimeca

Interview with Daniel Barras

Interview with Tom Bensen

Interview with Jon Cejka

Guest Players List

The character Tom "Fidget" Moran will be played by guest players, each one taking over where the last left off.

Here we would like once again thank those guest players for join us.

Joe Wood - Episode One and Two

© 2016 Thomas Bensen

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