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Family Fun on a Budget

Updated on March 16, 2010
Camping out is a great way to make fond family memories!
Camping out is a great way to make fond family memories!

There are many great family activities that can be enjoyed, many without spending huge amounts of money. After all, there are days spent playing games in the backyard, a picnic at the park or perhaps exploring some winding trails. Hiking and camping out are also great ways to make family memories, and once a few basic investments are made-such as a tent and sleeping bags- the cost becomes very affordable as the items can be used over and over again.

Day hikes offer time spent in nature, without the need for overnight accommodations. You can head to a nearby state park and find miles of trails where you and your children can see unique plants, wildlife and often see and hear the music of waterfalls and gurgling brooks.

If you live near the water, be it seaside or a lake. Pack your cooler and have a fun-filled day in the fresh air. You may choose to ride the waves, go fishing or simply watch the water as you catch some rays.

If you are adventurous, why not load up the car and head for parts unknown-at least to you. In days gone by, the “Sunday afternoon drive” was a favorite family activity. People would set out down the road just to see where the road went. Today’s technology makes it possible to chart a course through the country without fear of getting lost. Why not pick an area you have not visited and go explore. Who knows, you may find a great place to shop, a delightful restaurant or perhaps a quiet trail to explore.

Perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy nature as a family is with a camping trip. Be it the mountains, the beach, a state park or even your own backyard, there’s nothing quite like sleeping out under the stars. Load up the cooler with camp friendly food items, perhaps bring along some games and get ready to have a great time. Of course, don’t forget the camera and maybe a journal to record all the memories!

Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be memorable. There are many great adventures to found just outside. Look around you area and find your own adventure!


Nature is full of surprises. Start exploring!


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