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Android Game: Bug Village Review

Updated on July 11, 2011

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Summary and Pros and Cons

Bug Village is a free gaming app on the Android Market that I, as well as others find to be quite addicting. In this tycoon type game, you are responsible for building a successful bug village by increasing revenue as well as citizens. It’s free and a great way to pass some time, but is it really worth downloading? Though the game can grasp your attention, there are some bugs in Bug Village.

Game summary

The game really starts off quite pleasing. It gives you a quick run through of the basic “how-to’s” and then sets you off on your own. I found the tutorial to be quite easy to follow and the game functions are pretty simple as well, so you have no problem remembering what to do at certain points during the game. After the tutorial, you have a couple of easy tasks to complete in order to gain some extra revenue and to help you get a little further into the adventure. At this point, the player has experienced the entire game. From here on out, it’s all about leveling up your village with nothing to really look forward to.

Giving the tasks a set time has a negative and positive impact on the game. First of all it makes the game go pretty slow. It gets a little monotonous. But on the other hand, it really keeps the player coming back to the game so I must give some perks on the marketing here. But the game doesn’t require you to actually have the game opened for the timers to continue running, which means you can come back to the game later to check on the status of your village. It’s almost like having your own little bug village in your pocket! Also, the game has a notification system that tells the player when his tasks are complete and when to open the game again! But unless you spend a couple of minutes at a time on the game, it will get pretty boring pretty fast.

Coins and acorns are another fun feature of the game. They make the player really strive to make more money and grow a larger village. Acorns are earned by completing tasks and objectives. Coins can be bought or earned by downloading certain apps or signing up on certain websites. There are a lot of free coin opportunities to help speed along your game play, but if you really want to get your village going, you can fork out some real money to get a hefty some of coins. Acorns and coins can be spent on anything from housing to decorations to food; the more the player spends, the happier the bugs and the bigger the village!

Game Quality

The game quality (picture and animation) was somewhat disappointing. Playing Bug Village on three different Droids, three out of three crashed while running the game. This was a pretty big annoyance. After a long freeze, the phones would either crash or the battery would have to be removed. I also experienced flashing objects quite frequently; especially when the camera was scrolling around the map. Some objects would often appear as big black objects. This game may be computer worthy, but I think the designers got a little to designer happy on a simple phone application.

So what is good about the quality of the game? The simple graphics are pretty enticing. They are very cartoonish, but after all, I wouldn’t really want to be playing with bugs that look real. The game also doesn’t lag too much. Everything keeps moving pretty smoothly which makes for a pleasing game experience.

Summing it up

Although an addicting game, Bug Village has too many problems to be considered a well written game. It’s more likely to cause its players more stress than a relaxing game experience. If you have lots of patience and don’t mind NOT playing the game more than you actually like playing the game, then Bug Village is for you. If you are able to ignore all the glitches in the game and need to kill a little time, I would certainly suggest Bug Village! But for just lounging on the couch and enjoying some down time, you may want to look for something a little more interactive. More details about Bug Village as well as a game walkthrough can be found at


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Plz help! Where do I find the butterfly house?!? I've looked everywhere in the items list and I cannot seem to find it. Where is out!?!?

    • glassvisage profile image


      7 years ago from Northern California

      Such a great review! I am glad that you included photos and links. Your feedback is very helpful for those looking online for information about this game. Thanks for sharing this on HubPages!


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