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Filipino Riddles

Updated on April 30, 2019

Riddles are expression in rhymes using one or two images that refer to a particular thing or object that has to be guess. Riddles are used for entertainment, mental exercises and amusement. Riddles are use by Filipinos to pass away time and to show their wit . . . it is entertaining and fun.

Filipino riddles deal largely with animals, plants and objects of local character. Filipino riddles have been passed from one generation to another and their origins have never been trace, a lot of new riddles have also been created by the younger generation.

Let's try if you can answer some of the riddles below. The following riddles are translated literally in English for non-Filipino readers.

Let's Ask Riddles !!!

  1. Nagtago si Pedro, labas ang ulo. (Pedro hides but you can still see his head. )

  2. Hindi pari, hindi hari, nagdadamit ng sari-sari. (Not a priest, not a king but wears different kinds of clothes.)

  3. Bugtong-pala-bugtong, kadenang umuugong. (Riddle me, riddle me, here comes a roaring chain).

  4. Heto na si Kaka, bubuka-bukaka. (Here comes Kaka, walking with an open leg.)

  5. Buhok ni Adan, hindi mabilang. (Adam's hair, you can't count.)

  6. Bibingka ng hari, hindi mo mahati. (Rice cake of the king, that you cannot divide.)

  7. Sa araw ay bungbong, sa gabi ay dahon. (Roll in the morning, leaf in the afternoon).

  8. Iisa ang pasukan, tatlo ang labasan. (It has one entrance, but has three exit. )

  9. Malaking supot ni Mang Jacob, kung sisidlan ay pataob. (Big Square Bag of Mr Jacob, to use it, you have to turn it upside down)

  10. Dalawang pipit nag titimbangan sa isang siit. (Two birds, trying to balance in one twig.)

  11. Hayan na, hayan na di mo pa makita. (It's here, its here, but you can not see)

  12. Baka ko sa Maynila, hanggang dito, dinig ang unga. (My cow in Manila, you can hear his moo).

  13. Nagdaan si Kabo Negro, namatay na lahat ang tao. (General Negro pass by and eveybody die.)

  14. Ako ay may kaibigan, kasama ko kahit saan. (I have a friend and he is with me everywhere I go).

  15. Ang alaga kong hugis bilog, barya-barya ang laman-loob. ( I have a pet, his body is full of coins).

  16. Sa liwanag ay hindi mo makita. Sa dilim ay maliwanag sila. (I can't see it in the light but I can see it in the dark.)

  17. Palda ni Santa Maria. Ang kulay ay iba-iba. (Maria's skirt, in different colours.)

  18. Kaisa-isang plato, kita sa buong Mundo. ( One plate, can be seen around the world).

  19. Nagsaing si Hudas, kinuha ang tubig itinapon ang bigas. (Judas cooked the rice, he took the water and throw the rice.)

  20. Bahay ni Tinyente nag-iisa ang poste. (House of the Lieutenant,with only one post.)

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Halimbawa ng Bugtong

Answers to the Riddles

  1. Pako - (Nails)

  2. Sampayan - (Clothesline)

  3. Tren - (Train)

  4. Gunting - (Scissors)

  5. Ulan - (Rain)

  6. Tubig - (Water)

  7. Banig - (Mat)

  8. Damit/Baro - (Dress)

  9. Kulambo - (Mosquito Net)

  10. Hikaw - (Earrings)

  11. Hangin - (Wind)

  12. Kulog - (Thunder)

  13. Gabi - (Night)

  14. Anino - (Shadow)

  15. Alkansiya - (Money Box)

  16. Bituin - (Star)

  17. Bahaghari - (Rainbow)

  18. Buwan - (Moon)

  19. Gata ng Niyog - (Coconut Milk)

  20. Payong - (Umbrella)

Filipino Riddles Series

  • Riddles about Fruits the answers to the riddles are fruits. Take time to think before you look on the answers. Have Fun!!!


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