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Build An Outdoor Tipi with Natural Material

Updated on November 24, 2011

Engaged in living an urban life style, we tend to forget how it feels like spending time in nature. We are used to having indoor activities in our spare time, but probably some suggestions, like having a willow teepee, might give us some idea for how we could spend more time outside the house. So, bring you and your family closer to nature with a willow teepee.

Featuring an arched doorway, it may seem like a shelter to you. Kids will love it the most. They will see it as an imagination land, where fantasies of being part of a Native American happen. Parents should always try to find ways of stimulating their children creativity and a kids teepee seems to be exactly what they need.

Using flexible willow trimmings, such a tipi can be made right at your home. It is inexpensive, easy to move and fun. Once you figure out how to anchor the trellis, it will be great. Involve your children in making the willow teepee. This way, you will get to teach him new things and spend more time together. In order to have a willow teepee that will last as long as possible, wrap it with steel or copper wire and then replace the wrapping wire every year or so. During summer, you could wrap a sheet around the outside of the teepee for shade, coolness and fun.

Not just that it involves lower cost than usual tents, but another thing about willow teepees is that their manufacturing does not imply environmental impacts. Poles are not made from plastic or other types of synthetic materials. Willow poles are recommended for the use of making a teepee, because this wood is more flexible. Other kinds of wood coming from trees not growing near a swamp, pond or river are not as good as willow wood.

Some willow teepees may be used as a support for climbing plants. Just make sure that it is self standing and expandable. And even if it is not supporting a climbing plant, a willow teepee can create a special rustic atmosphere in the outdoors. It will always have a decorative functionality in your garden or backyard no matter how you choose to use it.

Your teepee will be in for a couple of years at least. And for your neighbor’s amusement, place a scarecrow near the willow teepee.


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