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WOW - Building a Mekgineers Chopper for Dummies (Complete Guide)

Updated on January 22, 2012

The Mekgineers Chopper is one badass bike that requires level 40 (used to be 80 but has been changed), is only available to the Alliance faction and takes an extra passenger.

This is a basic guide to getting yourself a World of Warcraft Mekgineers chopper.

It’s a mount that costs a lot of money – this is a guide to making it yourself from scratch.

Even if you plan to get someone else to make it for you, chances are this guide will help you.

From recipes and reputation to locations of vendors, this is a guide for the people who just can't keep track of all the items and information for getting that chopper!

The Mekgineers Chopper
The Mekgineers Chopper

About the bike

The mekgineers chopper:

  • Requires level 40 to learn or ride.
  • Can take two people.
  • Only people in a party with you can ride in the chopper.
  • The second person can be any level.
  • The extra seat folds up when not in use.
  • This mount does not fly.
  • The bike can only be made by someone with max engineering but once the bike is made can be sold or given to any other person to learn - even if they do not have engineering.

What it costs

If you plan to buy a Mekgineers Chopper completely made, either off an Engineer or through the Auction house, you'll be looking at anywhere from 14,000 gold to 20,000 gold depending on your server, how many engineers there are and how in demand it is.

If you wish to make the mekgineers chopper yourself you're looking at a minimum of 12,500 gold no matter whether you buy or create the rest of the materials. Why? Because you need to buy ten parts that are only sold by a vendor and those parts cost a total of 12,500 gold.

The Recipe

The recipe for Mekgineers Chopper is sold by Alliance Vanguard Quartermaster Logistics Officer Brighton in Valgarde and Logistics Officer Silverstone in Valiance Keep.

The recipe is 320 gold and requires exalted with Alliance Vanguard to buy.

You need 450 engineering to buy this recipe. The recipe is soulbound

You automatically get Alliance Vanguard reputation in 80 5-man dungeons if you wear no, or a guild tabard.

The Reputation

You'll need exalted reputation with Alliance Vanguard to buy the Mekgineers Chopper recipe. The Alliance Vanguard is made up of four sub factions who you can quest with:

Explorers League - Quests in Howling Fjord and Storm Peaks. One daily quest in Steelgate, Howling Fjord.

The Frostborn - Quests in Frosthold, in the Storm Peaks. One daily quest.

The Silver Covenant - You can gain reputation with them by doing quests and participating in the Argent Tournament.

Valiance Expedition - If you plan to quest to reputation, this group has the most quests. They have many quests centred around three main areas - Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra and Dragon Blight.

If you'd prefer not to quest towards reputation, or have done as many quests as you can, you can gain quite a bit of reputation (several hundred per dungeon) by doing many level 80 normal 5 man dungeons as well as most 5 man heroic dungeons in northrend.

1  x  Elementium-Plated Exhaust Pipe

8  x  Goblin-Machined Piston

1  x  Salvaged Iron Golem Parts

2  x  Arctic Fur

40 x Handful of Cobalt Bolts

12 x Titansteel Bar

Roxi Ramrocket will only show you the link to access motorcycle parts after you have learnt the mekgineers chopper recipe.

The Ingredients

1 x Elementium-Plated Exhaust Pipe - Cost 1500 gold - Can be purchased from Roxi Ramrocket, the cold weather flying trainer at K3 in the stormpeaks. This is also a rare spawn item, so you may need to keep checking back. According to one source - a new one could spawn after an hour or after 30 days.

8 x Goblin-Machined Piston - Cost 1000 gold each - Can be purchased from Roxi Ramrocket, the cold weather flying trainer at K3 in the stormpeaks.

1 x Salvaged Iron Golem Parts - Cost 3000 gold - Can be purchased from Roxi Ramrocket, the cold weather flying trainer at K3 in the stormpeaks.

2 x Arctic Fur - Can be gotten by skinning or the auction house.

40 x Handful of Cobalt Bolts - Can made by engineers using cobalt ore.

12 x Titansteel Bar - Titansteel can be smelted from 3 titanium bars, eternal fire, eternal shadow and eternal earth. There used to be a cooldown of 20 hours between making titansteel bars but this cooldown has been removed.

The Vendor Locations

Logistics Officer Brighton - Valgarde in Borean Tundra atop the hill where the flight master is, almost exactly opposite him.

Logistics Officer Silverstone - Valiance Keep in Howling Fjord in the blacksmithing area.

Roxi Ramrocket - Close to the flight master in K3, a town in the south of Storm Peaks. She moves around but is always close to her plane.


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    • profile image

      kapil chauhan 

      8 years ago

      hello experts . .

      I hv to buy a chopper ,how much it minimum cost . .

      Thank u. .

    • Elzabrad profile image


      9 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Great information! :)

      This will definitely come in handy when I want to go make myself a chopper.


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