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Bulldog Stuffed Animal & Stuffed Bulldog Toys - Bulldog Gifts

Updated on April 1, 2011

What is your favorite Bulldog breed?

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Are you looking to find the perfect bulldog stuffed toy? Look no further! Here are tons of great selections at affordable prices to help you find a beautiful, bulldog stuffed animal, whether you're looking for your team's mascot, or simply your favorite pet. There are tons of sizes, colors and options available to choose from. Also, check out some fun, bulldog facts!

Buying a dog breed stuffed animal is a fun way to pay tribute to your favorite breed or makes a perfect gift for a bulldog lover. They're also great if you love bulldogs but can't own one at the moment because of lack of space or allergies. Here are some great bulldog stuffed animal selections available online that are high in quality and easy on the wallet.

Fun Bulldog Breed Facts

  • Bulldogs are patient, loving dogs that typically only bark when they feel it is absolutely necessary.
  • Bulldogs are known to be gentle and protective, rendering them a great family dog!
  • There are many different bulldog breeds. The most common are English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs.
  • The English bulldog is a common mascot for many types of sports teams and organizations; it is actually one of the most popular mascots in the world.
  • Bulldogs have short noses which means that they may easily overheat in the summer time; they need lots of water and shade!
  • Bulldogs typically weigh between 40 to 50 pounds.
  • Source: American Kennel Club's Website:

English Bulldog Stuffed Animals

Pay tribute to your English Bulldog pet with a gorgeous, realistic plush toy.
There are several options available on Amazon, ranging from 15" to 6" in heights, all for really great prices. To the right, is Melissa and Doug's huge bulldog stuffed animal (about 15" tall). It is absolutely gorgeous!

Buy a Webkinz Bulldog Online

Webkinz Bulldogs

Webkinz are a really popular type of stuffed animal that you may have heard about already from your tech savvy kids. The way Webkinz works is: You purchase a stuffed animal (available in TONS of breeds and all sorts of different animals) and then you log onto the webkinz website and 'play' with your stuffed animal online in a virtual game. The company offers several bulldog breeds and whether or not you use the website, or just want to own the stuffed animal, they are really cute and affordable, either way! Located to the right, is the most popular Webkinz animal available in the bulldog breed.

Cute French Bulldog Video from Youtube

Plush Bulldog Stuffed Animal Toy
Plush Bulldog Stuffed Animal Toy

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