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Bungies New Ten Year Destiny

Updated on April 11, 2013

The "Jist"

Bungie, the creators of the amazing Halo series – the single most revolutionary series for First Person Shooters – have turned over a new leaf and signed a 10 year contract with Activision. Their new series, set on a future Earth that is in a post apocalyptic state is conveniently and ironically named Destiny. This game, just like Halo, is already ready to break new strides and create a new standard for MMOFPS games. What is an MMOFPS you might ask? Destiny is the first ever “shared-world shooter”, a MMOFPS – Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. This game will be a combination of Halo – no surprises there – and World of Warcraft, or Knights of the old Republic. It will be through the eyes of a character they call “Guardians”. These Guardians are the protectors of the last known city on Earth, a no-named city as of right now. Each person takes command of their own guardian who is given mysterious powers by “The Traveler”, a strange gigantic orb shaped ship that arrived at Earth to save humanity from a weapon that destroyed most of the population. The Traveler gave its life to save humanity. No one knows where the Traveler came from or why it came to Earth but the last surviving city owes the ship their lives. The game designers, so far, have released information that leads us to believe that although we are in a post-apocalyptic world it won’t seem like Earth is truly that way. We are to believe that the city we life in, the last surviving city on Earth, is in all reality the most beautiful city we have ever seen. This effect as they put it is to show us that although we lost most of the planet’s population, we are not giving up. On the contrary we are expanding and moving out to the stars.


The game lets you control your own Guardian that you can fully customize. You choose between three classes; Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. You can fully customize your class, weapons and ship. The world around you is free to roam but be aware that it will be constantly changing. You can travel across Earth exploring the various ruins for treasure and loot. You can also choose to leave Earth and travel to the other surrounding planets – no word yet on how far away from Earth you can travel. As you go along one thing you will be able to change is the weapon you carry with you. It has been released so far that – much like Call of Duty – you will begin your mission with a basic weapon that even lacks a generic scope. Iron sights will dominate your life in the beginning. Only small bits of information has been released on what type of enemies we will be facing but here are a few of the names that have been released of the “enemies”; : hellmouth, war rhinos, spider pirates, cabal, evil space zombies, and time traveling robots.

Destiny will be an always online game that puts you in a complete world with other players. You will work together with these other people – or work alone if you so choose – to complete missions and create their own stories and adventures. We might eventually see a mobile app, or tablet app released for this game but that will only be to assist or help further the playability of this game. Destiny is set to be released for the PS4, PS3 and Xbox360. No release date has been chosen or even spoken about quite yet.

Martin O’Donnell, who works for Bungie full-time, will be conducting the score for this game. We haven’t been able to hear the soundtrack yet but the people who have heard it say that it reminds them a lot of the Halo soundtracks, which isn’t a surprise.

They have not released the price of the initial game but we know that it will not be a monthly installment type game. You buy the game, download it and it’s free to play after that. The engine that was created to run this game was specifically created for Destiny. This engine is very complex but we are to understand that this system will run 24/7 and will constantly be changing. Even when no one is interacting with a certain part of the game it will still change and be ready for someone to interact with it.

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