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Buried Zombies High Level Strategy Guide on Black Ops 2

Updated on July 3, 2013


In this guide I will teach you guys a strategy that will allow you to survive high rounds on Buried Zombies on Black Ops 2. Keep in mind I will discuss a camping strategy, and a run and gun train strategy that will show you different methods based off how many players you are playing with, and what type of gameplay you prefer to play.

ALSO I will be attaching one of MY videos showing the strategy that I use to camp, and will talk about that below. If you like that video, head on over to my Youtube channel where I post a LOT of zombies footage including a bunch of clips of me playing the map buried, and showing you guys a whole bunch of different tricks that you guys can use to get further into the game.

If you have any questions you can message me at the bottom, or ask me in game on Xbox @ MKS JohnR or ask me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 ...

What is buried zombies, and what is new...

Buried zombies is the latest installment into the zombies maps which features the group of survivors reaching an underground civilization. Here they must once again complete an easter egg that will lead them to the last zombie map of black ops 2 which will be released in august. On this map you will see a new perk, new bosses, and a new assistant that will help you achieve everything.

The new perk is vulture aid perk, and is what we have been looking for, for a long time. This perk will allow you to have a scavenger, which when you kill a zombie, they may drop an ammo pack, OR a money pack which when picked up gives you a small amount of money, or bullets. The next thing this perk does is allows you to see everything on the map. WHat I mean by this is, all the perks, all the boxes, all the wall weapons, and everything that you can essentially buy will light up, and you can see the icon through the wall. This is especially useful for the mystery box as you can no longer look to the sky to see its location. Therefore this perk will allow you to see the mystery box as two question marks.

Another cool feature is the new witch... The new witch will appear every time you enter her house. When this witch appears you will need to kill her, and her spawns.. Keep in mind she will keep spawning inside her house. When you finally do kill her, and all her spawns she will normally drop a bottle.. In this bottle is a new perk for every one in the room. You are only allowed to buy 4 perks, but with the witch I have seen players and myself have as many as 6..

Also the new assistant will allow you to open up all the perks, and items that are extremely crucial to your overall survival, so utilizing him will also be essential.. I will talk about how to do all that in another guide.. So lets get on to the strategies.

Solo Run N Gun Strategy

The solo run n gun strategy will be located in the first location where the mystery box is. If you are good at creating a train, then this is where you want to do it. Now a lot of locations for you to get stuck with, and enough space to allow for a train to build up. This locations is the best location for you to run a train, and build up necessary points to survive at the high rounds. Once you get to a certain high round you may want to try expanding you train to a larger portion, and running to the saloon area, and using a ray gun, or packed weapon and laying the horde as they run at you through the long corridor.

Using this strategy you should be able to easily survive high rounds, and get yourself onto those ever so important leaderboards ;)..

Camp Strategies

Okay guys, so this is the important part.. Once again I talk about this strategy below in my video, and show you the evidence of how well this strategy actually does in fact work. When you go to the location with juggernog, or where the pack a punch location is, you will be able to survive for ecent rounds. Obviously only use the pack a punch area only until your weapons are finished, and then move back to another location, as this is really far from the build-able objects you need, and will get tough at high rounds.

If you choose the juggernog location, then you will also need ALL of the build-able objects to help you. You are going to want to place each of these object on the walls and at the back as I have done in the video, and make sure every player on the team is in the juggernog location with you. I also suggest placing a time bomb on the gruoond in case something goes wrong, and you are not prepared, but either way you are going to want to use this lcoation for the entirety of the game. THis will almost look like cheating it is so easy, and we would have made it a LOT higher if we hadn't gotten bored and started to screw around on 28..

My video on Round 27 for Camping


So overall this is the greatest location for you to go to, and will allow you to survive very high rounds. This will allow you a lot of success, and will allow you to get to the rounds you would really like to. In the end, it is all up to you on how far you get, and what strategies you use, but I am trying to help you get to further spots when your stuck.

Also please feel free to show your strategies below, and I will try them and get back to you, have a good day :).


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Kodiak I removed your comment because the video did not even work you posted, and I don't allow for links within my guides just because I have had a lot of bad links posted..

    • profile image

      Wraith 4 years ago

      Well, I haven't been able to play this yet (damn you and your DLC exclusivity deals, Microsoft...), but my youngest brother found an invisible ledge in one corner of the court room. You can reach it with either the paralyzer/petrifier or with a trample steam, but the zombies will all crowd up in the stairs, then you can just drop down, run around to the bottom of the stairs, and just OBLITERATE the zombies with the paralyzer/petrifier. (You can also shoot a bullet weapon through the wall to get points.) Not something I'd recommend for general use, but he was just using it to grind points to put in the bank.

    • profile image

      Zach 4 years ago

      Good strategies. Reminds me of the Der Reise catwalk :D