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Buy Antique Chinese Teapots Online

Updated on September 19, 2011

An antique teapot makes a wonderful gift for that lady or gentleman who appears to have everything. Indeed, in this modern age of iphones and instant gratification, antique teapots teach us that there is something to be gained from dipping into hot water and stewing gently for a time.

Chinese Antique Teapots

The Chinese have always been in favor of tea. For centuries the Chinese have considered tea to be more than just a pleasant beverage to get one from two o'clock to two fifteen without having an existential crisis. Tea was regarded in ancient Chinese culture as a medicine for the mind, body and soul. In fact, tea is such an important part of Chinese culture that it was said it was discovered by a Chinese Emperor in 2737 BCE, or BC, for those of us who like to measure time in antiquated myth.

Because tea has been popular in China for the past three thousand years or so, antique Chinese teapots are ubiquitous. Due to the rich history of the country, there is no one particular style associated with ancient Chinese teapots, rather there are several. This article will now focus on one rather distinctive and undeniably popular type of Chinese teapot, Yingxing teapots.

A Range of Yinxing Teapots


Yinxing Clay Teapots

Yinxing Clay is a particular type of sandy clay found in the region near Yinxing City, which explains the name very simply. The use of Yinxing clay dates back to the Song Empire and Yinxing clay teapots have been exported around the world since the 17th century. Yingxing teapots are still being made to this very day because the clay has peculiarities that make it particularly suited to the creation of fine stone teaware.

There are three main kinds of Yingxing clay, all of which are used in the creation of Chinese teapots:

Purple Clay: Items made in this style have a deep brown / purple color that is indicative of the stoneware of Yinxing.

Cinnibar Clay: This clay has a very high iron content and a distinct reddish hue. Because it is relatively rare, you can expect to pay more for a teapot with cinnibar clay content.

Fortified Clay: This clay is a mixture of clays and can have a color anywhere from beige to blue to green to black. The most versatile and surprising of all the clay types, fortified clay is often used to create impressively artistic teapots.

Even though these clays and resultant pots look very different, they all lay claim to the proud Yinxing heritage.

Can I Brew Tea In A Yinxing Teapot?

Remember, because this type of clay and stoneware are still very popular and sought after, not every Yingxing teapot is going to be an antique. This is a good thing however, as newer Yingxing teapots can be used for brewing your very own authentic Chinese tea at home.


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