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Buy Automoblox Wooden Toy Cars Online

Updated on February 5, 2015
Automoblox C9-S Sportscar Berlinetta by Automoblox
Automoblox C9-S Sportscar Berlinetta by Automoblox
Automoblox Blue T900 Truck
Automoblox Blue T900 Truck


Award winning Automoblox has created an educational line of sleek looking wooden toy cars that children love to play with.The well crafted cars are made from European Birch and real rubber tires.The cars are designed with interlocking pieces and patented connectors which are interchangeable between other models.

 A child can have fun taking these cars apart and putting these wooden cars back together again, creating their very own configurations. Each car has its own vin number, indicating the model, make and the year the car was manufactured.

Automoblox colorful cars are affordable, made to last and can be purchased online. Anyone of these cars would make a fun Christmas or birthday gift for the little car lover or even the big car lover in your life.

All cars complete with a sturdy wooden body, children add the windows, wheels and the customizing details.

Winner of the Oppenheim Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award!

These unique wooden toy cars are quite different from the various other toy cars that are on the market. Children will enjoy building up a collection of the various colorful models and sharing them with their family and friends. Automoblox educational wooden cars will also enhance your child's motor skills as well as bring them hours of fun.

If you are looking for something different and unique for you child, think Automoblox.


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